Thursday, September 27, 2012

6 Week Countdown!

This pregnancy has flown by in comparison to my first. I can't believe I'm almost 34 weeks pregnant, which means 6 weeks to go--more or less! 
Less would be nice...not dangerously less of course, but Addison came exactly a week late and that last week was excruciating! 
I would gladly take one or two weeks early, should Lily decide she's tired of being cooped up in there;)

A friend asked me today what my theme/colors are for this baby, 
as I have a baby shower coming up in a week. I had to stop and think about it for awhile.
 This is funny to me because with Addison, I registered when I was 3 months pregnant! I then spend an embarrassing number of hours each week (day?) going through my online registries changing color schemes, adding baby gear I had decided was absolutely crucial (which I probably got none of, and haven't missed either!), and more or less obsessing over every detail of what the nursery would look like, and whether her stroller/car seat/pack n play would all match, and whether her outfits and blankets and hair bows would match all the gear, as well as the walls of the nursery. 
Seriously. I totally admit to this. 
So back to today: I realized I haven't given any of that a second thought. I spent ten minutes at Target and registered for some pacifiers and cozy winter pj's for her a couple of weeks ago, that's it. 
So today I decided to think about it so I could answer my friend, and decided on cream, very light pink, brown, and soft muted little girl colors 
(with Addison I wanted absolutely nothing to do with pink or girly). 
I want flowers on her head, pretty soft cream blankets to wrap her in, and ruffles on her bassinet. 
I have no idea why, this is just how I envision this baby!

Last tidbits on my mind today, thinking about the home stretch of this pregnancy...
 Sleeping is getting more and more difficult. My poor husband! I toss and turn and kick him when he's in the way of my awkward sleeping position I think I want, which changes every three minutes all night long. I get up to pee at least five times a night, and have to roll out of bed. It's not graceful. Or quiet. But, by 4 a.m., I'm usually so exhausted that I sleep for a couple of uninterrupted hours, which means I sleep through Brad's alarm and don't wake up until he brings me coffee or breakfast on his way out the door to work. I really do feel terrible about this, but don't really know what to do about it! I guess it's just a season...maybe next week I'll have one of those bursts of energy that lasts for awhile. 
That would be so nice! 

Lots more complaints would be completely valid, and fun for me to tell you about, but I'm trying to stay
 positive and I hate whiners, so I'm not gonna be one. (Maybe in a week or two I'll give in!)

To end on a positive note...there is something so absolutely amazing when Lily moves around. Even if it keeps me awake sometimes or she kicks so hard it almost hurts, it is so comforting to know that she's doing good in there, and a constant reminder that there is a little life growing inside me!

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