Monday, October 22, 2012

To Do List...or Nap?

37 weeks! And I'm in love with these booties!

Soooo many things I need to get done!
Soooo tired.
Funny how with baby #2, suddenly I'm three weeks away from her due date and haven't done any of the things that I got done at least two months before Addison was born!
I just realized the other night when I was in false labor just how unprepared I am, if I were to go into real labor a week or two early...
Pack my hospital bag (and Brads), make a list for whoever comes to stay with Addison while we're in the hospital, vacuum and clean the car (I'm just weird about bringing baby home in a super clean germ-free car), wash her car seat and have it ready to go, make some meals to freeze, write a birth plan, pre-register at the hospital, get Lily's clothes hung up, clean sheets on her cradle, etc.
I guess that's it.
I think I need a pre-game nap before all this work...the couch looks mighty nice right now:)
The up-side: Dinner for tonight is done, Addison is sound asleep, and my house is clean!

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