Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Good Day For Pictures

Well since I'm due two weeks from today, I thought maybe I should stop procrastinating and finally take some pregnancy pictures, which turned into pictures of Addison and me,
and some silly ones of all of us!
It had been snowy and dreary all week, but today was in the 50s and it felt like a nice fall day,
which we haven't had too many of this year!
 A beautiful day for some pictures, taken by my amateur photographer hubby, who did a great job:)
I should mention, I have a slight obsession with Instagramming pictures (which I'm sure serious photographers make much fun of, but that's ok!)
Here are my favorites of the day...

On another note completely, church today was so good...
A missionary we partner with spoke and he had some pretty powerful things to say, well worth repeating.
However, my mind is still sort of processing it all.
A lot of it struck some personal chords with me, and I'm not sure what to do with all of it.
So, more to come this week!
Have a great last little bit of the weekend:)

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