Sunday, October 14, 2012

Another Weekend...

"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands."
Psalm 19:1

We were driving back to my parent's house after a wedding yesterday and had to pull over to take a picture of this. I always think of God when I see the sun's rays coming out of the clouds like that. 

Another weekend has come and is almost gone. 
Time seems to speed up when we leave town, but it was a lovely couple of days.
 We had dinner with some good friends Friday night when we got into town. 
***Note to any woman who's 36 weeks pregnant: eating a giant plate of Mexican food and going to bed shortly after will not help you sleep well. If you thought sleeping was uncomfortable already, trust's worse after cheesy spicy greasy deliciousness. Don't do it!!!!!!!

Saturday my cousin got married. He is an ordained minister, and actually preformed Brad's and my wedding, as well as lots of other weddings in our family.
It was so sweet to see him on the other end of the ceremony, the one getting married.
All grooms look happy when the bride walks down the aisle, but he truly looked like the happiest man in the world as she was being escorted in.
So happy for him!!!

Today we went to church and relaxed for awhile before heading home.
The trip home made a great ending to an already good weekend.
In all the years I've lived in this state, I have never gotten used to seeing elk. It's pretty rare to see them, and there's just something so majestic about them that makes them such a treat to see.
Well this afternoon, I noticed something out the window and did a double take. There were over 200 elk standing in a field way off the interstate. There happened to be a frontage road and an exit coming up, so we hopped off, back tracked and all got out of the car to look at them for awhile.
I had never seen more than five or six at a time before, and even that is a rare sighting.
Not the clearest picture...I had to zoom it a bunch just to see them.
The herd went on and on toward the right, but I couldn't capture it with my phone:(

Also on our trip, we saw a bald eagle, and then just before we got into city limits, two more elk up on the hill, fighting. Again, something I've never seen, and something really rare to actually see happening.
It was a pretty nice drive home I'd say:)

Now, happily back on my own couch in my most comfy sweats, not believing the weekend is gone and tomorrow starts another brand new week. Time is flying.
Tomorrow I'm 36 weeks...4 more to go!!
More about my thoughts on that tomorrow...and there are a lot of thoughts, let me tell you!

Last but not least, a few funny pictures of Addison from the past few days. She is such a happy baby and so full of personality, she brings so much joy to our life! Love her!

Farmer girl?

Giving herself kisses in the mirror:)

Sticker fun!

She spent a lot of time meticulously taking everything out of this drawer while I was packing her bag for the I know why! She wanted to play in the drawer...literally!

We carpooled with Meredith and Olivia to the wedding...
Brad offered to sit in the back with the little ones (claiming his hips are narrower than ours, thus he would be an easier fit between the two car seats...not sure how I feel about that statement!)
Too cute!

That's all for now!

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