Sunday, October 7, 2012

Baby Shower

Yesterday was my beautiful baby shower (or is it Lily's baby shower? I never know if showers are technically for the mom or the baby!)
So much effort and time and creativity was put into it, I felt so blessed!

This hat is handmade by a friend at church!! So sweet!!

My mom and sister drove 3 hours to be at the shower:)

People often ask how I like living here...I always say I'm not a big fan of the town necessarily, but the people have made it one of the best places I've ever lived.
 I wasn't happy when my hubby got a job here, but we decided to move and give it a try. 
He told me just recently of how when we first moved here, he prayed and prayed for me to have lots of friends and plenty of things to be involved in.
 His prayers were definitely answered over and above! 
We may be 3 hours from family, but our church has become our family here, and I've made such wonderful friends in the past year or so, I feel so connected. It's a feeling I've never had anywhere else, even places I lived for a long time. I have a couple of lifelong friends back in TN, and miss them terribly, but I'm building something great here too, which I definitely didn't expect.
It's times like yesterday, when so many people showed up to celebrate with me the upcoming birth of Lily Grace, that I'm reminded just how much God has blessed Brad and I through the people he's brought to our life here. 
I'm overflowing with thankfulness today! 

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