Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wintery Fall Days

For someone who doesn't like winter, I've actually enjoyed this week.
I guess I always like it when it first snows...although this year seems especially early to me.
It's beautiful outside, and nice because it's not so much snow yet that we have to shovel and scrape our way to the car!
The first pic is from a bush next to our front porch that I thought was beautiful with all the icicles;
the second is the trail head a couple of blocks up from our house.
I love the mountains with snow on them!
Anyway, like I was saying, it's been a pretty enjoyable week.
With it being so cold out there (I know I know, this is nothing compared to what's coming, but I'm seriously a wimp about the cold),
we've spent a lot of time indoors, which is so needed right now.
I've been able to get so much done to be ready for Lily to make her entrance into the family,
cleaned, organized, cooked and froze a meal or two, and relaxed!
That last one is hard for me; if I relax, I feel lazy, even though I know that at this stage in pregnancy, it's not only justifiable, but necessary!
Here's the problem. I'm all or nothing. Balance in this area is difficult for me.
I go and go and go and go and go and go one day;
the next day, I'm exhausted and basically worthless.
Brad tells me everyday not to overdo it, but I generally do anyway, and then pay for it.
So, today, I relaxed all morning, went to the gym this afternoon (but took it pretty easy--trying not to injure myself right before labor!), cleaned up the house and baked some healthy sweet potato brownies (in the oven now!), am taking a break from everything to write this while Addison sleeps, then it's cook dinner, and relax for the evening. See, trying to be balanced through the day! Not bad eh!
I still feel like I should be doing more, but I'm almost 38 weeks and having lots of contractions, so I'm gonna play it safe and try to enjoy this downtime!
Enjoy the weather...and TN friends/family...don't even talk to me about the 80 degree day you're having in Nashville! (but do enjoy some sunshine for me:))

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