Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Summer Sum Up

Today was a beautiful day...75 degrees and sunny. 
Tomorrow the forecast is 41 (the high!) and snow.
Only in MT does summer end so abruptly and the temperature change so drastically in 24 hours.
So I thought I would post a bunch of pictures highlighting our lovely summer, since I had hoped to have this blog up and running long ago, but am just recently getting started.
Here are summer's best...:)

Addison's first carousel ride. 
I'm about 5 months pregnant here:)

While waiting on new furniture to arrive, we hung out on a mattress in the living room...
Addison loved this!

No one has AC in MT...we had a few weeks where it was a little hot in the house!

Brad wanted to see the Butte 'pit' and eat at Pork Chop John's, so we took a little day trip:)

I think this is when I started to realize how much Addison is growing up. She just seemed like such a big kid on this scooter thing...having so much fun with her dad!

I had nothing to do with this adorable picture...just walked in the kitchen and found her in the cabinet

Playing with Papa at the grandparents house:)

Cheesecake filled strawberries...summer cuisine doesn't get much better!

This cracked me up...we were at her friend Ava's and I hadn't brought a swim suit, so we were just playing in the grass, but she decided to crawl right in with all her clothes on. She had a great time!

Back to Butte...this time for Aunt Pat's wedding up on top of a mountain. 
Beautiful day and beautiful wedding!

One of our hikes this summer. What a handsome dad she's got;)

I don't know when this is from, but it's cute!!

Had to add this pic...these are blackberry cheesecake filled cupcakes with keylime frosting I made for a 
picnic. Yummy!!

Sometimes I love MT. On a walk with a friend and our kids when we actually had to cross the street...these guys wouldn't move for us!

Who says peanut butter is just for eating? Clearly it makes great hair product! 

These were all taken at my 30th birthday party my sweet hubby surprised me with...
On top: one of the last family photos where we are 3...soon we will be 4!
Middle: My cousin and sister-in-law and I with our kiddos
Bottom: My sister Kate and I. She's a senior and I'm 30. Wow time is flying!!!

Addison and her cousin...finally starting to like each other. They traded cups...or stole each other's!

My goal was to do this hike every month of my pregnancy. I didn't document each month, but here is 7. I'm now at the end of month 8 but not sure I'll make it up this month :(

Smiling happy girl first thing in the morning...makes for a smiling happy mama!

So I finish my 'summer sum up' with today at the park. Like I said, tomorrow the weather is changing drastically, so I thought we should take advantage of the sunshine today. She looooves swinging, and fun at the park this afternoon made up for her accident prone day...hopefully she's upstairs dreaming of the swing and slide, not falling down stairs or cutting her lip open:) 

Ok...we're ready for you Fall!
 Bring on the cooler temps, pumpkin everything, colorful leaves, baked apples, football (eh, take it or leave it), scarves and sweaters,  and fresh smoke-free air!

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