Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The Final Countdown

12 days till my due date!
I had been trying to prepare for another late baby, but then at the appointment with my midwife yesterday, she said she would be surprised if the baby didn't come within the next week!
All of this is so mental for me.
With Addison, I completely freaked out as soon as she was one day overdue.
I suddenly felt so claustrophobic (weird? or do you know what I'm talking about?),
so uncomfortable (I mean like a thousand times more uncomfortable than the previous week),
and just plain miserable. I was in total "get this baby out of me!!!!" mode.
I tried everything from raspberry tea, exercise, tons of oregano dousing my food, and every single trick in the book for trying to induce labor.
 (I never tried castor oil, but my cousin did and she swears it worked!)
Nothing worked. She took her sweet time and came a week later--thankfully not longer than that!
So, the past few weeks, I've been trying to pretend that my due date is actually later than the 11th,
just so that if she's late, it won't be so stressful.
Imagine my happiness yesterday when I was told she just may be a week early!
Oh my gosh. The greatest words ever!
Now...I'm super excited about the prospect of having this baby in as little as a few days,
but, that's going to make it even more difficult than ever if I go over my due date!
Ahhh! Why do I over think this so much?
Brad is so much more rational about all of this.
His attitude is that she'll arrive when she's ready, when God wants her to. He makes it sound so simple!
*Although I do have to add, ever since I told him what the midwife said yesterday, he's been hovering over me..."Are you okay?" "Are you having contractions?" "Do we need to go to the hospital?"
"Is the baby coming?" "How are you feeling?" "What's wrong?" "Do you want me to stay home from work?" "You need to sit down!"
I'm not complaining. It's cute to see him so worried about me:)
Anyway. Regardless of whether she comes today, tomorrow, or two weeks from now (please not that one!), it's the final countdown.
I keep adding to the list of things I need to get done, and for every one thing I check off the list,
I add two more, so the list kind of discourages me.
But I love lists, so I shall keep adding and crossing off and feeling super accomplished
 at all the cross-offs!
And you know what? In reality, if I went into labor right now and we had to leave for the hospital,
life would continue on just fine, even with all the oh-so-important things that haven't been checked off.
Funny how perspective can change in an instant.
I'm pretty sure once I'm sitting there holding a new baby and longing to see my Addison at home,
my list won't make a bit of difference.
And neither will the number of days early/late that this one made her grand entrance:)

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