Thursday, November 22, 2012

Answered Prayers and Thanksgiving Tidbits

I haven't had time to write since Lily was born on Sunday, but before too much time passes and life gets back into a routine again, I wanted to be sure I post about some amazing prayers answered.
Sometimes time has a way of diminishing the significance of amazing events, and I want to be able to look back and read this and continue to be in awe of God and his amazing love and kindness to us.
First, I want to admit, after the fact, that I have spent the last 9 months in fear of the moment I would go into labor with Lily.
I was afraid of the pain, really afraid. My first labor and birth were brutal and I didn't think I could go through it again. Because of last time, I was a thousand times more afraid going in the second time around.
I was afraid of leaving Addison. Not that anything would happen to her, but that she would be so sad that her dad and I weren't here for a couple of days and think we abandoned her. I haven't left her overnight before, so I was really nervous about that.
I was afraid of complications and even dying giving birth and leaving my little ones without a mom.
I know, that's not even a rational fear, but it was in the back of my mind anyway.

A lot of people were praying for me to have a way different experience this time, that everything would be much quicker and smoother than with Addison.
Let me tell was amazing!!
Labor was exactly half as long. 15 or so hours total, as opposed to 31 hours.
I was better prepared as was Brad, and we were able to work together as a team to get through contractions for the first 8 hours.
I decided to get an epidural, which I hadn't planned on (my next post will be about this!),
and I'm so glad I did. I hadn't slept in a few nights, and we went to the hospital at midnight, so it was the forth night in a row without sleep. Getting the epidural allowed me to get some rest before delivery. I got the minimum amount of medicine in the drip, so I could still feel some pain with contractions, which I wanted. I don't like going completely makes me feel like I'm not in control. This was just enough. (And when I found out she was almost 10 lbs, I was sooo happy I had made that decision!!)
Delivery was cake...or as close to cake as delivering a baby can be! 10 minutes (not 3 hours!!) and she was born!
There were things that could have and very well should have caused complications, but Lily was in perfect health, not a single thing wrong.
 Recovery has been much easier, the pain less...I really can't say enough. My whole outlook is so different that whereas before, I was thinking I didn't want anymore kids (even though we both really want more), now I feel like I could definitely do it again.
God answered those prayers not just a little bit, but in an extreme way!
Feedings are going so good, another thing that was incredibly hard last time.
And this baby is so mellow so far...we had been praying not to have to deal with colic again.
I just feel so amazingly blessed in so many ways, and I don't want to forget all the Lord has done for us this week. How he has answered so many prayers so specifically. It is truly amazing, evidence that prayer does work, and a reminder to me of his great love for me.

Today is a different Thanksgiving than usual for us.
Some family is out of town, others are sick, so we just decided to have it be the four of us.
Although I miss being around all the family today, it has been wonderfully relaxing and I definitely needed the rest. I felt so much peace today as Brad cooked, Addison danced to all the songs on the TV as we watched the parade, and I laid on the couch with the little one.
We are a family of four. No longer would it feel complete to have only three of us.
I'm so thankful for my growing family. Thankful for our health. Thankful for the little moments that bring so much joy and make us laugh. I don't want to take a single moment for granted, but soak it up!
Last but not least, I'm thankful for the spread my hubby made completely by himself today...the works!
And he's putting everything on the table now, so Happy Thanksgiving everyone!:)

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