Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Due date is here!!...and passed. Another late one.

Well, Lily Grace is officially late. Her due date was Sunday, and today is Tuesday.
I'm trying not to think about it too much. I'll be the first one to tell my overdue pregnant friends, "He/She will come at exactly the right time! God is in control!" You know, all the comforting nice things to say (which I actually believe, I'm really not being fake to them!)
BUT, when it comes to me going over my due date...whole different story! Ridiculous I know.
Anyhow, trying to stay busy this week and not stress. It's hard.
I honestly think if I had been more active this last week, maybe it would've sped things up, but with 20 inches of snow and the frigid temperatures we've had, I've spent a lot more time inside the house than usual. I thought about bundling up and going for a walk, but it's so icy everywhere, I thought falling and having my water break probably wasn't the very best idea (although the thought of anything breaking my water is worth considering, right?)
Today was a bit nicer outside. My mom was here for the morning, so we went out to run a few errands and I tried to get as much walking in as possible. Still, nothing.
I'm going to go walk on the treadmill this afternoon while Brad teaches his fitness class and Addison plays in the nursery at the gym, which she loves!
Maybe she's just not ready yet, but I will do my part to make it happen if she's close!
I'm dying to see what she looks like. Will she have a full head of brown hair like Addison did? Or will we get a little redhead? (Hoping for Brad's 'red' genes to appear in at least one!) Will they look like sisters, or will they look totally different from each other?
I want to meet her so bad!
On a side note, I bought Addison a cute little baby doll today, thinking that when we come home with Lily, we'll bring Addison her very own special baby to take care of. Maybe she's too young, I'm not sure, but I figured anything is worth trying in helping her not be sad and jealous that our attention has to be shared by another baby.
I know she's only 16 months old and will adjust fast; in a few weeks, she probably won't remember ever being without a sister! But still, I want it to be as easy a transition for her as possible.
Here's a not-so-great self pic of me on my due date...

Last week, my midwife measured and thought Lily would be pretty average sized...around 7 or 7 1/2 lbs. By yesterday's appointment, my belly had grown so much that in five short days, she estimated well over 8 lbs. Yet another reason to pray she comes soon!
 I reeeeeally don't want to deliver a 10 lb baby!!!

Here's to hoping my next post is full of hospital pictures...soon!:)


  1. Eee!!!! So exciting it's any day now!!!
    You seriously look fantastic!!!

    1. Thank you!!!:) You look great too...super cute pregnant!