Thursday, November 1, 2012


Happy November!
Time is flying by!
I just wanted to share one of the nicest things ever.
Brad knows I've been a bit nervous as Lily's due date approaches.
I mentioned in an earlier post that we took a class with a doula a few weeks ago, and that helped ease some of my fears. But it hasn't completely calmed me.
I'm not afraid, but my mind seems to be consumed with anxious thoughts of impending labor. I have butterflies (not the happy first-kiss ever type of butterflies!) whenever I think about it.
Am I alone in this? Or does anyone else get this way as the expected day gets close?
I'm also anxious about leaving Addison--not because I don't trust whoever we leave with her--I've just never been away from her overnight and I don't want her to wonder where we are and be sad!
Well anyway, Brad doesn't really understand (as he's told me several times), however, he did something so thoughtful to help put my mind at peace, I just thought I'd share.
He found a bunch of encouraging verses and printed them out and taped them all around the house in places I'd be sure to see them throughout the day...mirrors, inside the bathroom cabinet,
on the front door, the microwave, the fridge, etc.
I have a sweet husband!
Maybe you'll find encouragement for your day or peace in something you're going through from these verses as well:)

Have a great Thursday!!

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