Saturday, November 3, 2012


This blog is becoming somewhat of a journal of our day to day life around here.
I find myself taking pictures of things I want to post because I don't want to forget the moment.
I often have much on my heart to write about, but find myself with only ten minutes to post, which means lately lots of pictures and tidbits that may seem mundane at first glance,
but to me, it's simple, sweet little pieces of life that I want to cherish as life speeds along.
Anyway...the picture on top is the sunrise my hubby texted me a picture of when he got to school one day this past week. So beautiful!
Sunrises and sunsets when you can see the sun's rays like this make me think of God and how he IS light.

Here are a few silly pictures from around the house.
It's amazing how a one-year-old can find joy in such random, ordinary things.
I watch Addison play and wish I could freeze her innocence forever.
She has not a care in the world. In her mind, it's as simple as being loved by mommy and daddy, and playing ALL DAY. Food, sleep, love, and play are all she needs to be totally content.
How much more complex life gets as we grow, sadly!

She loves putting things on her head:)

I want to talk about a place we frequent waaaay too often by most people's standards.
I'll give you a clue: Brad likes going, especially on the weekends, for the samples.
You got it...Costco!
It's really sad how often we go there. I feel like normal people go once a month and get a bunch of stuff and don't return for awhile...isn't that part of the point of buying in bulk? You don't have to keep going back? Apparently not. 
And since only my picture is on the membership card, sadly I have to go with.
Ok ok, I admit, sometimes I have fun. It is what you make of it, right?
Well, I can't believe I actually took pictures today, but I did. Yes, pictures at Costco. Sad? Maybe so, but I couldn't resist, and you'll see why;)
As always, Brad got his fill of samples (I've been in trouble a time or two for "not playing the game"...meaning I turned down a sample that I didn't particularly care for. I now know that I should always take a sample and give it to him if I don't want it. What was I thinking?)
But the real fun came when Brad took Addison to the toy aisle, which is overloaded, what with Christmas approaching. Take a look...

She had so much fun. I felt like it was kind of a tease, since we didn't actually buy the giant teddy bear or the rocking horse (which I must say is pretty awesome, not your ordinary rocking horse!). But she really doesn't care at this age. Maybe she'll get the horse for Christmas. The bear would take up half a room! But she laughed and thought it was the greatest, so it made our day!

My personal highlight?
Being the nice mom/wife that I am, I got pumpkin pie cheesecake samples for Brad, Addison, and myself.....and promptly ate all three of them. I could blame it on pregnancy, but that would be lying. I would have done it any old day. SO. GOOD.
Hope your day has been just as's the little things that count sometimes!

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