Thursday, November 8, 2012

Snowed In...Waiting...

Today it was supposed to snow 1-3 inches.
So far, we have around 10. And it's not supposed to let up for the next 24 hours!
We had a fun albeit long day in the house today.
I wanted to take Addison out to play in the snow, but she's been fighting a cold, so I decided that wasn't the best idea. Instead, we lit some holiday Yankee candles, listened to Christmas music (just a little...normally I hate it this early, but it seemed like a good day for it!), made muffins, read lots of books, and made the most of being snowed in.
By Saturday morning we will have between 1 and 2 feet. That's a lot, compared to what I'm used to!!!

We braved the icy roads to get groceries...and to get out of the house for a few minutes!

On another note...
I'm due in 3 days, but my midwife thinks I'll be early, which means I keep expecting to go into labor at any second, and it's hard not to be a tad bit disappointed each night when I go to bed, another day passed and nothing's happened. They should never tell you they think you'll be early! It just messes with your mind! I really do feel like she's coming though. I would be surprised if not tomorrow, just the way I''m feeling. But what do I know, really!
I think I'm finally mentally ready. A friend of mine made a good statement the other day.
She said she thinks God lets us get so incredibly uncomfortable the last week or so of being pregnant, that we stop being anxious/fearful about labor because we just want the baby out! So true.
No complaints whatsoever, but I will say I'm definitely at the point where I'll be soooo glad not to be pregnant! 9 months...that's quite a long time we women endure per child!:)
So, I'll keep waiting...

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