Friday, November 30, 2012


I'm unplugging for at least a week.
Even as I write this, I'm unsure if I really want to, which is probably a good sign that I need to!
Not from my phone or the internet completely, but from just a couple of specific things that are taking up too much precious time, and more importantly, too much space in my brain.

I've learned by now in my Christian walk that it's normal to have spiritual highs and lows.
And I've learned that just because I'm feeling spiritually 'blah' sometimes doesn't mean I'm not saved!
It's just a season, and generally I come out of it having learned something and grown in some way or another. But that doesn't mean I like those seasons, and it doesn't mean I don't fight to get out of the
blah-ness. In fact, I think we have to fight to get out, not just sit back and wait it out.

I'm in one of those seasons right now.
Not that the reason really matters, but for the sake of making excuses, here are mine!
Late pregnancy 'made' my mind pre-occupied all the time; I was always uncomfortable, nervous about labor, and constantly thinking about the baby that was coming soon and how different life would be and what she would be like, etc. I figured I would get my mind back and in control once she was born, but ah, how easy I had forgotten!
Now, my mind is just plain tired all the time.
Whereas I usually read my Bible and pray early in the morning, now I wake up and feed Lily early in the morning, and struggle to stay awake after that. A quick nap on the couch before Addison is up is becoming par for the course (and quite enjoyable if I may say so!)

This all ties in with unplugging, I promise. Here goes.
I manage to spend a ridiculous amount of time on facebook, which isn't bad in and of itself, but it's become unhealthy for me and my prayer life and my thought life. I'm not quitting facebook; I'll still look when I have a message, since I use fb more so than e-mail. But I'm taking a break from checking status updates. I love checking status updates! If only there was a way to filter and just read close friends and family updates to keep up with them, that would be great, but I end up scrolling through updates of people I barely know, and long story short, it's taking up too much brain space with things like what a girl I knew eight years ago had for a snack today.
Having a new baby means lots of time sitting and feeding, which is perfect time for praying or reading or listening to something worthwhile, but often I find myself reading meaningless status updates of random people. Enough is enough! I'm taking a break to get my thoughts centered on God again.
We are told in Matthew 6:33 to seek first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness...I haven't been doing that. I have a brain that is focused on too many other things.
And the less I focus on God (a result of too much internet), the more I focus on myself, and my inherently selfish nature takes over and I start spending enormous disgusting amounts of time thinking about my clothes and hair (mostly the things I hate about both), what color I should paint my toenails, what cute clothes so and so had on today, how much skinnier she is than get the picture.
When I stop focusing on the Lord, I become lose sight of the important things:
Being the wife and mom I'm called to be.
Finding ways to love my neighbors.
Praying for all the people I've said "I'll be praying for you" to.
I could go on and on.

So for the next week, I'm not looking at status updates, I'm not browsing pinterest, and my phone will be used for the Bible app and pandora...oh yeah and talking, like phones were originally intended!

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