Friday, November 9, 2012

A Thankful Heart

Well I hate to be cliche and only talk about thankfulness in November, and the truth is, I've been extra thankful the past couple of years, not just at Thanksgiving when it's obviously on everyone's mind.
However, I was thinking about it a little bit more than usual, what with all the 'I'm thankful' facebook posts and blog posts going around, and decided it would be appropriate and fun to take a little extra time thinking about and writing about some of the things I'm extra thankful for this year.

Some are obvious.
Obvious does not take away significance however.
I cannot overstate how thankful I am for my husband and how much he loves me and Addison, and how hard he works to take care of us and provide for us so that I can stay home and be with her.
As I write, the temperature is dropping fast, it's snowing (has been for 36 hours now), and there's 17 inches of snow outside. He's outside unburying our car in case I go into labor soon, and shoveling the sidewalk and steps. This is round two, as he got up 45 minutes early today to do the same this morning before work, just to make sure I'd be okay if I needed to leave.
I'm so thankful for the heart God's given him.
Thankful for how amazing of a dad he is and how much love he has for Addison and Lily.
And thankful that as much as he loves me, he loves Jesus more.

I'm so thankful for our baby girls...silly, adorable Addison, and little Lily, who we have yet to meet. I can't imagine loving another one like I love Addison, but I know I will.
The past couple of months, I've heard some heartbreaking stories of babies/kids in the community, as well as stories of sick children of acquaintances of mine from high school and what not.
I don't take one second with Addison for granted. I know full well that she's a gift from God, and I'm so incredibly thankful for her health and well-being.
I don't want to live in fear of something happening to her, but I don't want to take for granted the fact that she is in perfect health either.
Health aside, I'm so thankful for her laugh! As Brad was putting her to bed last night, he had her laughing one of those deep belly laughs, and I swear, it is my favorite sound in the entire world! Either one of us would be perfectly willing to make a fool of ourself just to hear that laugh for one second!!:)

As I look outside, even though I'm not a huge fan of cold and snow, I am able to see beauty in it.
There's a quietness, a peace that comes with it. The mountains are beautiful. The huge snowflakes are the pretty kind that you hope for on Christmas morning.
But as I sit in my warm living room with a blanket, sweats and cozy wool socks, smelling dinner from the crockpot ready to go when Brad comes in, I can't help but think that to some, there is no beauty in this. Only hopelessness. There are some, in my own small city, who have no where to go tonight. No bed, much less a heater, hot food, and a couch to curl up on while watching a movie on this snowy evening. There are those out there who dread the snow and are desperate tonight.
And I want to do something so badly, my heart aches.
We do what we think is a lot for those less fortunate, but sometimes it seems like it doesn't make a dent.
And on a night like tonight, it doesn't seem like much of anything.
I have to remember the importance of prayer and that God will hear my prayers.
Still, I wish I knew of something I could do right now.

I'm thankful for things that seem small, that I easily forget to be thankful for.
A bed. Furniture. Dinner. A car. Enough clothes that I have a hard time making a decision sometimes(and still, I manage to complain that I have nothing to wear). Warm boots. This computer. A phone. So many things that I think very little of, but others would be so grateful to have.

As I write, I think of some other things, but I'll save those for another day:)

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