Friday, December 28, 2012

An Instagrammed Christmas:)

                                                                   I know, I'm an Instagram nerd to the max. I love it too much.
I can't believe Christmas is come and gone...days gone! This has been the fastest week...
So fast that today, until 7 o'clock this evening, I thought it was Thursday. It's not, I found out.
Today is Friday (in case you were confused as well!)
When Brad gets time off like this (he's a teacher), I tend to lose track of days, and this week was worse I guess, just being out of town and what not. Days didn't really matter.
Ok, I'm rambling. I actually want to go to bed, but wanted to post a few pictures before Christmas is so far gone that they seem irrelevant!
Here is my 'Instagram Christmas' :)

Funny story about this last picture.
Addison has an affinity for pushing anything that is not anchored to the ground. She pushes chairs, boxes, Lily's swing, laundry baskets, name it, she's probably pushed it around our house for hours. It's cute, but sometimes the things she chooses to push leave little scratches in the floor, and since we rent, I thought it would be a good idea to get her something with wheels that wouldn't do damage to the floor and she could push until her heart's content. My parents actually got her this stroller, and as the picture shows...our plan failed. I found her pushing the laundry basket, with the stroller in it. Oh well!

Hope you had a lovely Christmas!

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