Saturday, December 8, 2012

Learning to 'let it go'

I have a small confession to's something I don't love about myself, but it's part of who I am none the less.
I'm one of those irritating hyper-organized people, at least when it comes to my house.
A habitual clutter-cleaner-upper.
I have a place for everything...a closet, a shelf, a drawer, a hook...everything belongs somewhere!

Being single, it was easy to keep things in the order I liked. I mean really, how hard is it to pick up after yourself and no one else? Then I got married, and fortunately to a pretty neat and tidy man, but I still had to let go of some the sweaty gym clothes he likes to hang to dry in random places throughout the house. 
Then... I had a baby, who is now a toddler, who likes to get every toy out at once, as well as everything out of the tupperware cabinet, plus anything else she can and isn't supposed to reach and manages to get into. Still, I found it pretty easy to clean up after her as she went about her toddler business. I was totally used to that.
Then...I had another baby a few weeks ago. I didn't think this would make a huge difference, but oh how I had forgotten about all the baby 'stuff'!
In addition to all the toys, tupperware, sippy cups, books, and baby dolls, is now spit-up rags, blankets, bouncer, boppy...if you have ever had a baby, you know what I'm talking about.
My house is definitely not perfectly kept these days, which has been bothering me a lot.

Today, I let it all go.
I had an epiphany of sorts as I watched Addison running around acting silly.
I realized all the 'stuff' that was out and the fact that the house was kind of a mess was all evidence of a happy, healthy family.
Brad was working on a project which had taken over quite a bit of space, Addison was playing and happy, and I was intermittently feeding and just holding Lily, while being entertained by Addison's oh- so-hilarious toddler antics.
I realized (this is a duh statement), the 'living room' is just that...a living room.
So what if there's stuff everywhere? It's stuff that's being used, whether for practical, productive purposes, or just for plain fun.

How much less stressed I was today as I made a conscious decision that letting Addison be a kid and make messes is way more important than is keeping up to my own unreasonable standard of neatness.
How much happier a home today when I made a conscious decision not to nag my husband about his things being everywhere, and just let him live. (And guess what, he cleaned everything up when he was done without me nagging him to. Imagine that!)
Something crazy happened: I had a fabulous day amidst the mess. Who knew that was possible?
Now Addison is in bed, Lily is sleeping beside me, Christmas music is playing, I'm writing...and the house was put back together in a matter of minutes.
Ready for a new day of living in it tomorrow.
I remember my aunt telling me long ago, I'd have to 'let it go' once I had kids, referring to my love for a perfectly kept house.
I realize what she meant now.
The people are more important than the place.
If I'm so worried about the place, my attention is focused on inanimate things, rather than my husband and babies. It's not even a question to me which comes first! (Sorry, house, it's not you anymore. You'll still get cleaned, but not quite so obsessively anymore. It's just for a season. I hope you understand!)
I realized today, I can still have an organized, clean house. Even a tidy house.
But it doesn't have to be perfect all the time.
And I'm happy with that.
I'm sure my family will be too:)


  1. Just found your cute blog on The Vanilla Tulip sidebar :) Love your heart!! Excited to follow along via GFC!


    1. Hey Erin! Glad to have you following! I checked out your blog too and love it:) It's so refreshing to see that there are young women out there who are truly devoted to following Jesus nod not succumbing to every whim popular culture tries to sell. I'm encouraged by your blog!