Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Past Week

I must say, I admire you bloggers out there who have multiple kids and find time to blog regularly.
I'm only two weeks in and in the rare instance that both babies are asleep, you better bet I'm napping as well! Life is good though. Tired as I may be, I've never been happier.
The moments where both girls are snuggling with me are the greatest.
A close second came today when I was feeding Lily, and Addison crawled up next to us with a book for me to read. So far she's been jealous when I'm feeding Lily, so today was a good step I thought!
Anyway, I'm too tired right now to write much, but I wanted to share the best pictures from the past week...

Addison loves tickling Lily's feet...so far Lily doesn't seem to mind too much:)

Christmas Tree Cutting! Brad And Addison hiked in to find a tree
 while I stayed in the car with Lily.

Speaking of being tired...we've had our tree set up for three days now and tonight we were going to decorate no matter what...but here we are, headed to bed. Tomorrow night it is!

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