Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Budget vs. Health

Sunrise from my parents house this past weekend...so beautiful!!

Last night, I went out after Brad got home and did grocery shopping by myself, no babies to distract me. Just me on a mission to get the weeks list and get home.
I came home and put everything away, and as I did so, found myself putting certain things away quickly, before Brad saw them.
Not that I would ever lie about anything, but would prefer to not go through the discussion as to why I deemed it necessary to buy certain items.

I fell under some pretty heavy conviction as the night went on.
I know it was the Lord working in me, because Brad never mentioned anything about my purchases, and we did Dave Ramsey last night, but it had nothing to do with this.

I'm a health nut. Not only do I love to eat healthy, I love learning new information and implementing it into our diet...taking out certain things and adding others.
I get a little extreme sometimes...I don't fall into fad diets ever, but am always on the hunt for the best way to eat. More like a lifestyle than a 'diet'.
Brad and I definitely agree that as natural and unprocessed as possible is the way to go.
This means little to no pre-packaged foods, no artificial sweeteners, no low-fat anything, and organic as much as we can afford.

Here's where I fell under conviction last night.
We have an assortment of things that have accumulated that are definitely healthy, but I started wondering, do we need them, really?
(some examples: nutritional yeast flakes, flaxseed, organic pure maple syrup, raw coconut sugar, wheat germ, etc.)
Plus, I buy a lot of my produce at the natural food store, organic, and more expensive.
I struggle every week with grocery shopping because I'm torn between sticking to budget or buying healthy food. 
Maybe ignorance would be bliss in this case. 
But unfortunately I read too much,
and I really do feel like I'm not doing what's best for my family if I buy produce with cancer causing pesticides all over them,
or if I buy non-organic chicken or beef, 
or eggs that aren't from grass-fed chickens.
I probably sound crazy to some of you, but this is really a battle in my mind every week!

Here was my thought last night.
I have a cousin (someone who is an absolutely amazing example of a godly woman) who has 6 kids. She is a stay at home mom, so they definitely have a budget to stick to, being a one-income family of 8.
She cooks super delicious, super healthy food every day.
I love eating at their house.
Her husband travels on a regular basis to third world countries where they don't even have clean water to drink, much less a variety of fruits and vegetables.
I was thinking how extravagant we really are by virtue of being born and living in this country.
But how much more extravagant am I being by spending more than we can afford for the sake of 'health'?
Am I even being a godly wife by doing this?
I realized, she has probably never bought anything organic, and I doubt she has all those weird health items in her pantry that I have considered necessary. Yet, her family is happy, healthy and well fed!

I've decided to let a lot of things go.
Will I still eat natural, unprocessed food? Absolutely!
Will I buy organic? Only if it's less expensive than non-organic. I can soak my produce in water and vinegar to remove most of the pesticides, but I'm usually too lazy or don't have time for that...ok just too lazy.
I'm going to make time for it to save money.
I will do the best I can while staying true to our budget, and let God take care of our health.
I realized I am trying to play God by thinking that over-spending is okay if it's health-related because I'm extending our lives or something. I guess that's pretty ridiculous.
God will take care of us and I will lighten up!

It's weird how God can totally turn your thinking upside down in less than a minute by whispering something in your ear.
Placing conviction on you that can make you feel so silly about an area of your life that you never even knew there was a problem with.
Funny how he does that...

Side note: In addition to all the healthy food I love, I'm a firm believer in chocolate, ice cream, cookies, pastries, and pizza. Lots of pizza. And Chick Fil-A. Oh, how we miss you in MT, Chick Fil-A!!

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  1. Loved reading this post. And I agree with your new thinking 100%! A little tip-I have found many uses for lemon essential oil, including getting the pesticides off fruits and veggies and making them last longer.