Monday, January 21, 2013

Our Long Weekend

I must say, I feel a million times better after this past weekend (which isn't actually over since Brad has today off!) We went for walks with the girls Friday and Saturday, and are going again later today.
Just getting fresh air and sunlight on my face does wonders for me.
It may only be in the upper thirties, but for January where we live, that's definitely cause for some outdoor activity! Friday, Lily slept all cozied up to her daddy and Addison decided to take her nap in the stroller. After a rough start to our long weekend (see previous post!), it was a lovely day!

So after our walk Friday, it was off to the doctor for Addison's 18 month and Lily's 2 month check-up.
I have no words for how bad it went! Oh. My. Gosh. I'm pretty sure we are going to be the dreaded family from now on! Addison was fine until the nurse walked which point, she freaked!
I mean absolute hysterics, uncontrolled sobbing and gasping for air and flailing around. This all for a solid 20 or 30 minutes.  She calmed down for the doctor, but then the nurse came back to give her a couple of routine shots, and she freaked all over again.
(Lily had to get shots too, so we had our hands full with 2 screamos)
Needless to say, they survived and we had a lovely evening together:)

Also on Friday, Lily turned 2 months time is flying with this baby!!!
She is totally a mama's girl, which I love. She just cuddles and cuddles and stares and coos at me all day long. Makes it hard to get a whole lot done, but it's a short season and I'm soaking it up!

Sweet Lily Grace with her favorite outfit! (ok it's my favorite outfit!)

The last two things worth mentioning from this weekend:
First, we did a little life planning last night. I know I know, sounds very dramatic. Life planning.
But it's true. I had really been wanting to discuss some major things and finally pinned Brad down to do it and it was great. I'm writing a separate post about this soon:)

Last but not least...tonight we start Financial Peace with Dave Ramsey.
I don't care for shopping too much, but I suddenly have the urge to go on a massive shopping spree today, eat at a fancy restaurant, and splurge on a giant size of my favorite coffee.
From what I've heard from several people who have already gone through the program,
penny pinching time starts immediately.
I'm semi-serious about wanting to go spend some money before we dive in, but in all seriousness, I'm really excited about getting started. We don't have a ton of debt or anything, but since we're a one-income family, it will be great to learn to stretch our dollar, plan for buying a house, get student loans paid off, start a savings for our kids, etc.
And that ends the long weekend...another short work week for Brad and we head out of town for next weekend...always hard work to leave, but always worth it!

Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, and kudos MT for finally giving students the day off and recognizing this important holiday!!

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