Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ugly Old Winter

I would like to believe the is playing a trick on us, but it's not.
We are to expect 1-2 FEET of snow today/tomorrow. It's sad when they measure in feet, not inches.
It's also sad when you see the (-) sign next to the temperature.
It's forecasts like these that make me forget why we moved here!
We are such outdoor, active people, and we've been stuck indoors for a few months now.
Too cold to take a newborn out, and Addison seems to be constantly on the verge of sick, so I try not to  get her out in the weather too much.
Long story short, I'm beginning to go stir-crazy.
Tired of my complaining yet? Good, me too.
But I just wanted to be real. I don't want to get into the habit of writing to make myself appear as though I don't have any issues, cause I definitely do! And this is one of them!

Let me lay it out: I HATE WINTER.
Always have.
I deal with it as best as I can, but every winter, after all the holidays are over and there are still months to go, I fight sinking into my 'winter sadness.'
I'm definitely doing better the past few years than I used to.
This year has been the best by far...I've just had too much to be thankful for to get sad, plus taking care of two babies doesn't leave me much time for feeling sorry for myself:)
Day before yesterday I had a minor breakdown though. Like I had been bottling up some of my stir-craziness for awhile and I just had to let it out a little. Brad let me vent, and we talked about it, and I felt better, back to being positive about having to deal with 3 or more cold months still ahead of us.

Then, I looked up and saw what was ahead...Storm Gandolf (since when do we name snow storms like they're hurricanes?)
Gandolf arrived this morning bright (er, dark) and early.
He is bringing with him around 18 inches of snow and temperatures in the balmy -8 range.
Are you kidding me!!!!!
Alright, so obviously my mindset started to go right back south...poor me, stuck inside again, I'll just do some laps around my kitchen island to get out some energy, as if that will make me feel better!

All in all, I've actually had a pretty great day. Granted, this is only day one of like a week straight of single-digit temperatures, but still, a great day is a great day!!
What's my secret, I'm sure you're dying to know?
I listened to uplifting music all morning, read a great passage in the Bible that I don't remember ever reading before and that the Lord used to speak to me this morning, did a little spring cleaning, and baked brownies for the ladies at Brad's school who threw us a baby shower yesterday.
I tell ya, cleaning out the spice cabinet was a real mood lifter! Haha, actually I'm serious. Something about deep cleaning my house makes me happy.

Here's the bit of Bible I read this morning:

Psalm 18:16-19
He reached down from on high and took hold of me;
he drew me out of deep waters.
He rescued me from my powerful enemy (the winter blues),
from my foes, who were too strong for me.
They confronted me in the day of my disaster, 
but the Lord was my support.
He brought me out into a spacious place;
he rescued me because he delighted in me.

I know this may seem a bit dramatic a passage for my being a little sad.
But as much as I joke about it, it really is something that seems to have a stronghold on me every Jan/Feb/March, and it has a negative effect not only on me, but my whole family.
I want to take it seriously and fight it. It truly is my enemy, but I am confident that God can and will rescue me from it this year.

One more thing I meditated on was that 'In the presence of the Lord is fullness of joy.'
(paraphrased from Psalm 16:11)
The more we walk with God, all day long, not just first thing in the morning, the deeper our joy is rooted. I found that to be so true today.
When I focus on the Lord first, followed by my babies, my husband, and those around me, it really doesn't leave a lot of room for sadness or depression to creep in.

Here's our next two days, get excited!

FriJan 11

Snow Shower
Snow Shower

SatJan 12

Mostly Sunny
Mostly Sunny

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  1. Oh girlfriend!!! What I wouldn't give to have some of your winter! How about we switch spots for a week or two haha!
    Praying that you'll have a cozy two days without going stir crazy!