Sunday, February 3, 2013

February Resolution

Well I didn't post this on the first of the month like I had said, but close enough I guess!
I am finding it difficult to make time for blogging with my two babies!
It's the season of life I'm much fun but always hanging on by a thread:)

So, I had posted a few weeks ago about making 'New Month Resolutions', starting in February.
At the first of each month (or the 3rd, as the case may be!), I will set a goal for myself for the month.
It may be financial, spiritual, relational, or whatever the Lord places on my heart.
The point is not to do each thing for a month and then quit,
but hopefully to spend 30 days forming a new habit that will continue.

This month it happens to be financial. We just started doing Financial Peace with Dave Ramsey,
so I thought it appropriate to make a financial goal for February,
to start a good habit that will spill over into the rest of the year and beyond!

It might sound trivial to some people.
But I really believe it could save us around $200 a month, if I'm diligent and don't break the rule I'm imposing on myself!
Here it is: I'm doing all my meal planning for the week and doing one big shopping trip on Saturday.
Then, no extra trips to the store until the next Saturday.
If you live in the country, this is no big deal. This probably sounds like a 'duh' kind of thing!
But for us, we live a few blocks from the grocery store, and we are big food people!
I always go over budget in the first place on our big shopping trip,
but in addition, I make quick runs to the store at least three times each week.
We decide a special bread would be super good with this meal;
I'm just dying for ice cream;
we're out of something we just have to have.
Our reasons and wants and excuses for going to the store are endless.
And it adds up! A whole lot.

This week I was $2 over budget, but that's a major improvement.
I was extra meticulous in planning our meals and making a list,
so there is no excuse for me to have to make any mid-week runs.

Now, I'm trying to get us not just to budget, but under budget, since starting this month,
I have to start paying on those darn student loans that I've deferred for years now!

We like to eat lots of veggies and healthy fresh stuff, and unfortunately healthy food is always more expensive than processed packaged food.
I've reached the end of my creative rope for meal planning on a budget and I feel like I still spend more than most people.
Any suggestions?? I need them!

Well, it's off to get a quick work out in while the babies are sleeping and Brad's writing lessons.
Then to the kitchen to make Super Bowl food!
Buffalo Chicken Dip with celery and blue corn chips for dipping;
Chicken, black bean and veggie nachos;
popcorn (made with my new Whirly Pop popper my friend gave me!);
and lots of fresh fruit.
Even if you aren't a football fan...ya gotta watch this game just for the food of it!

Happy Sunday...
Enjoy the rest of the Lord's Day, whatever you're doing!


  1. My goal for the month is also to stick to a grocery budget! And I agree--those "in between" trips are dangerous! I've found that going meatless a night or two a week (or more) can really help with my budget. Sometimes you don't even have to cut meat altogether--for example, I used to use a whole pound of ground beef or italian sausage when I made a pasta bake or spaghetti. Now, I just use half a pound. The flavor is all there, but I've stretched a pound of meat to two nights! We are also big fans of veggie fajitas or bean and rice burritos!

    1. That's a great idea! My husband is a big time meat eater, but there are definitely certain dishes I could skimp on the meat and he wouldn't notice too much:) Thanks for the suggestions!