Sunday, March 24, 2013

For The Love of Burpees

Oh man, last week was not so fun!
Monday night, I decided 4 months postpartum was long enough to take it semi-easy, exercise wise.
I have been working out oh so lightly, as I learned my lesson the first time around, waaaay overdoing it all too soon after Addison was born.
I had been super restless for numerous reasons the past few weeks;
It's still winter here, so I am still in the house a lot, and my girls have been sick, so I guess I just have pent up energy to burn.
Anyway, like I was saying, Monday I found this great workout online, no getting ready for the gym and driving there in the cold necessary.
I'm brilliant sometimes, and burpees combined with hopping side lunges or whatever they're called actually seemed like a pretty fun idea, so I happily complied with the video and did this super crazy intense 37 min workout.
My hubby informed me that burpees are only necessary for football players who are being punished.
I on the other hand, was trying to convince him to do the burpee challenge with me this summer...although I am rethinking that now.
If you don't know me, I'll just tell you, years ago, I was probably a workout addict.
And I cared way way way too much what I looked like, what my body fat % was, uhhg.
Not anymore.
But I still get the 'runners high' type of thing from a really good, hard work out.
Now, my motivation is simple.
I want to be healthy and I want to keep up with my kids as they grow.
I want to be an active family, and two pregnancies almost back to back has taken a toll on this 30 year old body. I just don't feel strong and athletic as I once did. So I'm just trying to get it back!
And in the process of trying to get it back, I threw out my back!
Monday during the workout: felt great (the endorphins maybe?). Monday a few hours later: Hurting but telling myself it was fine. 
Tuesday, I was hurting bad. Wednesday, I desperately wanted to ask Brad to stay home, but decided I would be okay. I wasn't. By Wednesday afternoon, I was, at times not able to stand up anymore. I couldn't hold my babies, so called a friend to come watch them till Brad got home,
and headed to the chiropractor.
And it got worse.
That night, one of my ribs somehow popped out of place (I did not know that could happen!!!)
and I spent the night half sitting up, trying to get enough oxygen, as each breath pinched a nerve.
Well I could go on and on, but I'll spare the rest of the details and just say,
thanks Mom for coming to help, and thanks hubby for taking Thursday off for me:)
And thank you friends who knew I was having issues, for praying.
It's hard to not be able to hold your babies when they want you.
Obviously, they don't understand; they just feel rejected when you won't/can't hold them. So sad!
I'm on the mend now.
Praying for a better week this week!
And praying my mind can focus as we prepare for the celebration of the priceless gift our savior Jesus Christ gave us as he took up our sins on the cross, giving us the gift of eternal life and then rising again, conquering death once and for all.
We serve a living God! Sometimes I think I take all of this for granted,
as is easy to do sometimes when you've grown up in the church.
I don't want my mind to get numb when I think of the cross, of Jesus' excruciating death that my sins caused, and his resurrection, giving me undeserved life everlasting.
I want it to as amazing and wondrous to me now as it is to a new believer.
I don't want to just go through the motions or let those words come out without thought.
I want it to hit me hard every time I hear it or say it or write it or think it.
That's my prayer.

Just a few pictures from the past week or so...

Have a fabulous rest of the weekend!


  1. Jonathan and I just finished a 100 day burped challenge-ouch! I agree, they should be for punishment. :) Glad your back is on the mend.

  2. I don't actually know what a burpee is, but it sounds heinous. Glad you had some help to recover!
    PS I nominated you for a liebster!