Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Little Sickies

My baby girl is sitting up in her bumbo these days...not her favorite thing, but she's happy for five minutes or so, which is better than nothing right! She is happy as a clam in mama's arms all day long, which I kinda love, but it's killing my back, so I'm gradually working on getting her to be content with other things through out the day. She is one happy baby almost all the time.

Yeah yeah, I'm one of those cheesy mom's who makes her girls wear these outfits ('best big sister ever' and 'baby sis' shirts) on the same day, even if we're not going anywhere. It's too fun. I love dressing them everyday. I actually can't wait till Addison can pick out her own clothes...I'm totally letting her pick her outfits once she's old enough to understand the concept of picking a top/bottom/socks/shoes.
I don't care how silly she looks (as long as it's weather appropriate!), I just want to allow her to be creative. I'm sure it will make for some hilarious outings...

This past weekend, we went to my parents for a couple of days. We got to relax and refresh, which was  exactly what the doctor ordered, for me anyway! Last week was hard. Like I was in a constant state of being on the verge of a breakdown. Mentally I couldn't handle hardly anything, and physically I wasn't doing so hot either. Today I felt like a new person, mentally anyway. Here's the downside to our weekend. We knew the girls weren't feeling super great, but I just thought they had little colds, which is totally normal for them both. They always seem to be a tad bit sick, especially in the winter.
Well it got worse as the weekend went on, and Sunday when we left, Addison was pretty much inconsolable the entire day, including the three hour car drive. I felt terrible for her and we gave her some medicine and some teething tablets, and even bought her a milkshake in desperation, thinking the cold would make her teeth feel a little better and it would be a nice treat since she was having such a rough time. She wouldn't touch it. She screamed when I tried to give it to her, thrashing around and kicking...seriously, I've never seen her so distraught in her life. It was bad. Sunday night, Lily started coughing like crazy, so I decided to take them both to the doctor yesterday.
RSV. Both of them. And Addison has a raging ear infection in both ears as well as a couple of molars coming in. No wonder she was freaking out!!! She seems to be much better as of last night...the teeth have popped through, she has passed the worst stage of her virus, and we gave her her first dose of antibiotics for her ears. Lily, she doesn't seem to mind being sick. She will cough violently for like five minutes, then give this giant grin. Her doctor called her a 'happy wheezer'. 
I woke up sick this morning, although thankfully I don't feel terrible. So, looks like we're not going anywhere or doing anything this week. We are a sick factory here! (Sorry mom and dad...we didn't know!!!!!)

We also stopped at my brother's and sis-in-law's on our way back. Olivia dressed Addison up and they had a fun time in their princess outfits and tutus. Here's Addison, making a very important and serious phone call apparently!

Cute cousins. They can't hold still long enough for me to get a good picture, so these are as good as they get!

We got home, put two sick cranky girls to bed, and had a lovely dinner together.
And it didn't get dark till almost eight o'clock! I love daylight savings time! Spring is coming!!!
That was our weekend, how was yours?

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