Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Date Night, Spring Time & Resolution

My sweet Lily, always the cuddler...loves her little giraffe (Addison's giraffe, but it's on loan to Lily I think!)

Yellow roses from my hubby to brighten up the house. My favorite:)

She's got an apple in one hand and dirt/rocks in the other. Eating them interchangeably I think...
She was being daddy's helper in the yard, loving every minute of it!

Our first picnic in the park around the corner from our house.
Soooo glad the weather has been getting nice and so is Addison!

Evidence of Spring...and all the work to be done out there!!

For Christmas Brad got us tickets to go see Bill Cosby...
so much fun and he's still got it at 75 years old! Funny as ever!

I just remembered as I was putting up these pictures, today is the last day of April.
New Month Resolution time!
April went well. I worked on tons of projects, and while there is still more to be done,
I feel like a huge chunk is done and honestly, the list doesn't end,
so no need to stress if everything isn't crossed off yet. I just keep adding to it anyway!

May...hmmm, I hadn't even thought about it yet.
Ok (5 minutes later:))...I think I got it.
After 3 years being married and two babies in that time, life around here is busy.
Some days, I am highly productive, but most are filled with feeding/diapering/holding a 5 month old,
and chasing an almost two-year-old.
I used to send Brad little notes I'd hide in his pocket, make his favorite muffins or other goodies for a surprise, and lots of little creative things just to show how much I love him.
I've gotten a little bit lazy about those things, so this month I want to be intentional and find/make time to do more of that. 
This will be a fun one!

Hope you're having a great week!
God bless!!

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  1. Your little girl's are so precious! Hope Bill Cosby was fun, I still love watching re-runs of "The Cosby Show" today:) just good, wholesome, and funny!