Monday, April 8, 2013


Spring break has come and gone, just like that. The week flew by, and today we're back to normal routine...except that Brad works late Monday through Thursday this week.
No big deal, as I feel soooo refreshed after semi-vacation last week.
AND, we are going to see Bill Cosby on Friday while my parents watch both of the girls.
I can't tell you how excited I am for this. Brad got us tickets for one of my Christmas gifts, so I've been waiting 4 months. I'm a nerd I know, but I grew up with The Cosby Show,
have watched and loved reruns for years, and even own the first six seasons on DVD. I'm a Cosby lover. Can't wait! :)

Check out the blue sky (and note: none of us are wearing coats or hats!!!)
Easter couldn't have been a more perfect day, weather wise. Our family didn't make it to church (long story which I won't bother expounding on), which I was super bummed about, but we listened to the Easter sermon online from Mars Hill Church in Seattle, and it was wonderful and encouraging, as always.

Addison and her cousin got along so well. They basically ran around giggling at each other and trading baby dolls back and forth. I am loving this age (21 months). She couldn't be more fun or bring more laughter and joy to us than she already does!

My parents baby sat for us and we went on our first real date since Lily was born.
And we made it through an entire delicious dinner without talking about poopy diapers, or anything baby related for that matter! Much needed. Thanks mom and dad! Looking forward to another date this Friday...maybe we can make this a habit:)

I was super sad that our trip to Nashville got canceled (postponed till fall), and although I still wish we could have gone to see our family/friends, I am happy to say, the weather here was actually nicer than in TN. Shocking, considering they are well into spring. Last year when we were there, it was in the low 80's...this year, they were having snow and 50's, while we were enjoying walks by the river and trips to the park with plenty of sunshine! I couldn't have asked for better MT spring weather!

Yes, I gave Addison her first piece of candy. 
No, it will not become a regular thing,
and no, I didn't feel guilty about it!

Gee (my mom's name so far, coined by Addison) and Papa (my dad) both took a break from work to come play at the park with her and she was sooo happy. Makes me wish we lived a tad bit closer so we could make that happen more often. But I'm thankful for the times it does work out!

Ah, just look at that peaceful little face! What is it about a sleeping baby that makes you just melt?

We ended the break with a mass organizing/sorting/cleaning day yesterday, which always makes me feel better about life! I love going through and getting rid of/giving away stuff and I love getting things all neat and labeled in bins (kids clothes)...Brad thinks I'm type A. I think he is.
But I guess in this area, I'm guilty!

One last thing, I didn't post anything last week except for the farm pics,
and completely forgot the 1st of the month came and went and I never did my New Month Resolution for April...
March was to memorize more scripture, to be more intentional about meditating on God's word.
I did memorize a few, and actually have made a habit of taking my phone to bed with me and last thing before going to sleep, I look at a Bible verse and go to sleep with that on my mind.
Sometimes I'll do a particular one I'm trying to memorize,
other times I just look at the verse of the day on my Bible App.
What better way to end a day? 

April, here we go!
I definitely want to continue with the Bible memorizing...if all my other 'habits' I establish each month fall by the wayside, that one is most important to me!
So to add to that, this month I'm going to stay in the spirit of what I was just talking about...
Drawers, cabinets, papers, clothes, etc.
Also, I'm including a general 'getting ready for spring'.
This means yard work, window cleaning, garden planning, and getting my things in order for 
Farmer's Market! (more about that endeavor later!)
I've been in the midst of the 'Winter Blues' to put it mildly, and I'm ready to snap out of that!
This may sound weird, but I also feel the need for a de-cluttering of my mind.
(before you think I've gone crazy, let me explain)
I have a lot of irons in the fire, plus a lot of things God has been teaching me through trials,
and I haven't taken the time to journal any of this, 
which is how I process things.
Right now, I have a billion things floating around in my head, things I don't want to forget or let fade away. I have ideas I need to put to paper. I have some prioritizing and planning to do. 

So there you have it. I'm excited for this month.
I love what spring beginnings and fresh starts. Rebirth. Growth. Renewal.
And sunshine:)

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  1. great pictures! You look great in that pink dress from Easter, what a gorgeous day!