Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Farm

My little girl who is afraid of dogs, cats and bunnies, is strangely fearless of cows it turns out.
Part of my extended family owns a dairy (which is mainly where I grew up)
and we decided to take her to see the cows today.
Honestly, I expected her to freak out like she does around most animals, but she wasn't even timid!
She just laughed and did her excited dance and ran all over the farm.
So fun! I had to share...

This is spring break for Brad, so we are relaxing with family and enjoying the unseasonably warm weather here. We went on a real date last night, no babies, and it was lovely!:)
Not much time for blogging, just enjoying having my hubby around and spending lots of quality time together this week with our girls and my family.
Have a great week!!

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