Sunday, May 19, 2013

Busy Month of May

Life is busy lately. May seems to be like that, but I enjoy the busyness. 
It doesn't leave a lot of time for writing though!
My heart has been so full, so glad in God these past few weeks
and I have so much I want to say, but maybe the lack of time to write is
God's way of telling me some things are okay to be left unsaid.
To be enjoyed and to grow in Him but not necessarily shout aloud every detail:)
Instead, I've been journaling while I feed Lily and that helps me 
get my thoughts out just as well, to be shared between myself and God. are some pictures from lately around here...

She looooves her baby, named (cleverly), "Baby".

She also loves her real baby:)

These last three are kind of fuzzy, but they are important pictures to me.
They were taken a couple of weeks ago at the University of MT where I went to school
during my 'not the greatest ever' years.
As I sat in the University Center with my baby girls and amazing husband,
I thought how EXTREMELY different my life is now from then.
I can't explain to anyone the magnitude of this.
How undeserving yet how BLESSED I am, and how merciful God is.
The last time I was sitting in that place, I never in a million years would have 
believed that many years later, I would be sitting there with a family,
happily married to a good, Godly, man (not to mention good looking!).
I can't express the thankfulness I felt sitting there.
Like night and day, where I was and where I am.

Enjoying an afternoon at the carousel, while Brewfest was going on in the same park.
Yes, we took our kids to Brewfest:)
And enjoyed some delicious Mexican food from a vendor while Addison danced
to the live music playing.  After which I got a mild case of food poisoning:)
(I don't recommend Mexican food out of a small trailer, ever. ever.)

Exhausted after an afternoon with her cousin and the 'horsies' (carousel).

One of my favorite things about summer is throwing whatever we're having on the grill,
and eating outside.
And Addison's headbands, lol!

Lily Grace, peaking out of the Ergo at her daddy. Precious.

I finally got Addison some sunglasses and she is feeling pre-tty cool!

My little one turned 6 months old yesterday.
Happy half birthday Lily! Your life is flying by too quickly!

This next week is craaaazy busy.
And my baby sis, who is actually almost 18, graduates in two weeks.
Have a great week! :)

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