Monday, May 27, 2013

She's Got My Heart

This girl.
I always tried to imagine what my kids would be like when I was younger.
What would they look like, what would their personalities be like?
Never in my imagination did I think up anything quite like her.
She is one of a kind.
So full of life and personality and so much enthusiasm for everything her little 2 year old life has laid eyes on so far. Everything is a new and exciting adventure for her.
She is extreme...she's either a one or a ten but rarely anywhere in between.
She tries my patience like I've never been tried, but then hugs on me and melts my frustrations as quickly as they came.
Her agenda is never ending...always busy and always obvious that whatever she's doing is 
extremely important.
She plays well and is sweet to other kids, but she's kind of a loner, so far.
She's happy, when in a large group, to find something that makes her happy and go at it alone.
She loves her sister so much, there is little in life that brings such a smile to my face as when she shows that side of her. The love and concern and joy she finds in Lily is beautiful.

Her smile and laughter and shrieks of delight are contagious...I can't be around it and not be laughing, even when the shrieks are painful and leave my ears ringing:)
The way she says words and makes up words and combines it all for her own unique little language.
How she calls for me in the morning and when I come in to get her up, she immediately asks for Daddy and Lily. 
The kisses she blows and the way she sing-songs "I love Daddy, I love Mommy, I love Lily..."

Her silly faces and silly way she wears headbands and wants to wear patent leather shoes with her pajamas and tennis shoes with her Sunday best.
Her little brain developing with lightening speed as everyday, she has a bunch more words bursting out of her vocabulary and continually amazes me with what she knows.
Her love for Daddy and how she talks about him all day when he's at work, and if we drive past the school and don't stop to say hi, it. is. over!! And every single time the phone rings, she drops everything and screams "Daddy!!!!"

And of course mealtime is always a joy! *read with slight sarcasm*
But something memorable for sure.
Especially shirtless spaghetti nights!
And her latest antics during dinnertime...extreme, dramatic gagging.
So exaggerated I have to walk away to laugh sometimes. I should record it, it could seriously go viral. But it's kinda gross.

Yes, we are absolutely entering "terrible two" territory.
Dangerous ground, I hear.
But I don't care. I will not get caught up in focusing on the negative.
Of course there will be rough days. Days so rough, I might even blog about them.
But I choose to focus on her smile, her laughter, her love and her great big heart.
On her quirky habits she's already developing. On the hugs and kisses, the books read snuggled up in my lap. The kisses she lavishes on her baby sis, and the songs she sings and prayers she says.
I will soak up the good times and grow from the trying times.
I don't want to take this stage for granted and I don't want to wish for her to be older or younger,
but be present in the here and now.

Love you Addison!

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