Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Summer Scenes

I'm definitely noticing a pattern with my blogging...I write something meaningful, straight from my heart, then wait a week or so, and flood a post with pictures galore. I wish I had more time for writing, but this is a stage of life where I just don't. And that's okay, because I'm positive that someday I will master the 'perfect' stay-at-home-mom routine: getting the girls to nap at the exact same time each day, never getting behind on housework, having a gorgeous, bountiful weed-free garden, zero phone calls to make, healthy breakfasts, lunches and dinners made quickly and efficiently with no interruptions, reading books and building blocks and coloring and other quality time activities with the girls, being showered and looking smokin' hot (ok let's be honest, semi-presentable) when Brad gets home....when that day comes, then I will happily retreat to the yard with an iced coffee or the occasional glass of sauvignon blanc and my laptop and blog about my humble thoughts on the deeper things in life. UNTIL THEN, pictures will have to suffice in telling about life lately. In all seriousness, life is full, but in such a good way. I have soooo much I'm dying to write about but no time to do so. I used to journal...it was my way of sorting out my thoughts and after journaling, I would just feel better! Well, now I do the same, only I am a bit more vulnerable doing it, as I journal online. It's fun. I want to do more of it. Anyhow, my time today is up and Addison is calling me, so I will curtail this rambling nonsense. Have a blessed day and enjoy a teeny glimpse into our life around here lately:)

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