Monday, July 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Addison!

Two years ago, I woke up on the 4th of July, 6 days over my due date, with light labor pains.
I got up and started preparations for the evening. I specifically remember putting huge effort into making a fruit pizza for the 4th of July party at church that evening. 
Brad and my mom kept looking at me crazy as I intermittently baked and keeled over with another contraction. For some reason, I was sure we would make it to the party and watch fireworks, eat some good food, and then maybe mosey on over to the hospital.
Well...after laboring at home from 5 am to 7 pm, I couldn't wait any longer.
Instead of driving to a party, Brad loaded me up and sped to Vanderbilt Hospital across town.
4th of July came and went. Another 17 hours of laboring at the hospital, and finally,
Addison Elaine was here!
I fell in love then, and each day I love her more and more.
Friday she turned two...I thought I'd share a few pictures from her special day...

Pardon the mass photo dump, but a girl only turns two once, so this is my way of remembering/sharing the special day. I can't believe I have a two-year-old. It's wonderful and fun and I'm loving life and sometimes I just need to go sit at a coffee shop all by myself but you know what? I can't wait to get back home and see my girls! They bring me so much joy, I can't get over it!

We had a small party (just family) at the park around the corner from our house, and it was lovely.
Every time for the past couple of weeks when I would ask her what she wanted to do on her birthday, 
she would reply every single time, 
"I want Papa" or "I want Granna"...or Matt, Kate, 'Mer Mer' (Meredith)...
all she wanted was to see family, and who's to say if she really knows what a birthday is all about,
but I know she had a fabulous day with all of her favorite people, and that was the goal.
It was a good one.

Happy Birthday sweet Addison.
I love you and thank God for you every single day.
What a blessing you are to your Mommy and Daddy!

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