Thursday, August 29, 2013


This week...let me tell you just a little about this week...

Lost Lily...I was holding her. Locked the keys in the car, our only keys to the house or car, stuck in the ignition, doors locked and slammed shut, stuck in the yard for the next hour and a half (during nap time, which never happened), waiting for someone who will remain unnamed to help us break in. Placed an opened yogurt in the diaper bag and forgot about it. Watched Addison blow a small nail out of her nose. Watched Lily burp up a piece of wood, pulled from our wood floor I assume. Was witness to the most dramatic, loud, horrifying long and drawn out temper tantrum I have ever seen in my entire life...sheeeesh, some people's kids! Oh wait, it was Addison. Note to self: never lock the keys in the car right before nap time. Another time would be much more appropriate and would help avoid the aftermath that occurred later. Lost my temper and acted like a twelve-year-old, at which point Brad kindly asked me to go hiking, alone. Went to the doctor and had a small break down on the nurse practitioner after she told me "maybe you'll just start to feel better eventually" (after 9 months of being sick) and informed me that my doctor's last day was yesterday and he hadn't left her any notes on what we had discussed. Aw-some. Attended a party where I didn't know a single, solitary person (my own worst nightmare). I could go on but the rest of the things would just make me look like more of a moron than I already do, so I'll stop here.

I'm not complaining. I just thought I'd give you a laugh, and myself a laugh when I look back and read this. In fact, a lot of this just happened earlier today, and I'm already smiling (a little bit, not a lot). Sure, I have moments, long moments sometimes, where I get down and discouraged and feel like my entire life is falling apart. But it's not, and deep down I know that. I have to keep reminding myself that through all of this, God is teaching me. He's teaching me patience, that's for dang sure! He's also teaching me to persevere, to be in constant communication with him, to be strong in the midst of not feeling well or on the verge of losing my cool. I fail a lot, man do I fail a lot, but I'm growing. 

The day is far from over right now, and difficult though it's been, there was beauty in it and that's what I will dwell on. I got to spend time catching up with a beautiful (inside and out) friend I hadn't seen in awhile. It was a gorgeous day to be locked out of the car. No seriously, if this had happened in January, it would've been terrible, but Addison ran around in the yard with a stick and climbed the fence, happy as a clam, and I walked around with Lily who was perfectly content to be outside. We got help opening it without having to pay an extravagant amount of money to a locksmith (payment will involve a pie, rather than $100). I discovered the amazingness of dry shampoo and saved myself 30 minutes this morning. Best thing ever!!! And now, Addison is sleeping peacefully and so is Lily, with her sweet little snot covered face resting on my shoulder. I'm eating chocolate and writing, and we're having Mahi Mahi with lemon basil butter sauce, brown basmatti rice, and vegetables straight from the garden for dinner. Life is good. It's far from perfect sometimes, but it's good, and we are blessed.

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