Sunday, August 4, 2013


What an amazing time we have had the past week in TN! I thought we weren't going to get to go for a visit until Thanksgiving, so when Brad asked me out of the blue if I wanted to go this week, I was more excited than you can imagine! He wanted to wait until November, but found out his grandpa was having a surprise 85th birthday party, and he wanted us to be able to be there for an extra surprise. It was totally worth it...his grandpa was so happy to see us and especially to see the girls (his only great grand babies), and although he is a man who doesn't show much emotion, he couldn't quite help himself. He and Addison hit it off, and he took her out to see his cows (he's 85 and still takes care of a herd by himself). They spent a lazy afternoon throwing the cows apples and overgrown okra out of a bucket, and it was just precious. Such a memory to be able to capture through pictures so that Addison can see someday.

Besides that, it's been such a whirlwind. Always is, what with Brad's family, my family, and friends to visit. Addison has gone to splash parks with cousins, learned to ride a tricycle, played at my grandparents house, and met tons and tons of family. We went hiking and accidentally didn't make it back until well after dark (got to enjoy the woods lighting up with lightning bugs though!), met up with good friends, went to my favorite park in Nashville for our anniversary date, went to dinner, went to the zoo, and mostly just had lots of quality time with loved ones.

Cousins playing. They're only a couple of weeks apart. They were so adorable together!

Addison's first time on a tricycle. She preferred walking it...we'll work on peddling next summer:)

Some good southern cooked greens. Love!

Splash park fun, downtown Nashville. She absolutely loved this day!

Out with my old roommates and dear friends. Miss them so much!

Addison pushing her much bigger, much older cousin on the bike. He told me later, "She's really cool! I actually like her!" Hahaha!

3 years together! We celebrated simple: going to my favorite park downtown, and eating/shopping at Whole Foods. A perfect evening together:)

Some people think I'm crazy for loving this park so much (as opposed to a less populated, quaint little park in the suburbs), but it's been my favorite spot for years, and I have so many memories from here. I love the diversity...not just diverse in color, but rich and poor, people from all nationalities and walks of life, young, old, handicapped, business men and women, serious athletes, and moms and dads with babies are all found here. You see it all. It's a very mini version of what I imagine Central Park in NY to be. I love it and wanted to take the girls to feed the ducks, but we ran out of time, so we'll do it next time we're here.

Addison's checking out the flamingos at the zoo. We had a nice, rainy time there with Brad's mom.

Today is our last day; we leave bright and early tomorrow. It's bittersweet. I'm ready to get home to my garden, which may or may not be completely destroyed by the hail storms they endured while we were away. And it's always nice to get home and get the girls back to a 'normal' schedule (as if we have one), but it's so hard for me to leave! MT and TN seem like worlds apart, and it's been a struggle my whole life saying goodbye to one or the other. I don't cry over it much anymore, but it's still so sad! However, I am so thankful to have had ten days here to soak up memories with everyone, to let Addison get to know the TN cousins and aunts and uncles and grandparents a little bit. She's had a blast, and Lily has been happy as ever. 

Wish us luck tomorrow...long, early morning flights, a quick nap at home, and into the car for a short road trip to destination number two (a short trip this time). THEN, maybe Thursday I will get some much needed sleep!!! It's been fun!

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