Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Sugar Rehab

Oh, sugar, how I will miss you.
We have been through so much together, but you are ruining me and it's time for us to part ways.
I turn to you too many times throughout the day and I'm afraid I'm addicted to you.
You were so good to me, or so I thought. How I loved your sweetness. The buttery feel as you melt in my mouth, the crisp satisfying feel of biting into your round cookie self, the way cream and chocolate and caramel can come together with a hint of sea salt in cold creamy goodness...
I want to only have a little as a treat every now and then, but once I get started for the day, I can't stop.
I'm indulging in chocolate after breakfast, baking every other day and enjoying breads and bars and cookies and muffins all day every day, sneaking ice cream morning noon and night, and eating more than a serving of my beloved dark chocolate before bed.
It's out of control and you're starting to ruin my life. I see right through you now, sugar! You're the devil in disguise! I am tired all the time, so I turn to you...and you give me the energy I desperately need, but then you make me even more tired! You're destroying my immune system, you dirty liar! You're bad for my teeth, and you are promoting disease! I'm on to you!
Plus, you're making me out to be a hypocrite! I'm obsessed with health food and I eat kale chips instead of potato chips, soak my beans and choke down lentils, make my own lacto-fermented foods and simmer giant pots of bone broth out of our leftover chicken, and other things that make me look like a total weirdo, all in the name of health! I encourage others to be healthy and drink water and eat more veggies and eat whole unprocessed foods and CUT BACK ON SUGAR!!! You've turned me into a closet sugar junkee hypocrite and I'm through with you!!


Mid-morning chocolate...farewell.
Early afternoon cookie...adios.
Caramel, I will find emptiness in the space you once filled in the junk drawer. Black, dark, emptiness.
Mid day baked long.
Late night gourmet ice cream...we can't keep doing this on a regular basis. But I'll think of you each night (and maybe we can see each other on special occasions. Shhhh, don't tell!)
Dark get to stay, but we can't see each other every day like we once did. Good bye, for now:(

Dramatic? Maybe so. Weird? Definitely.
I'm so serious though. My sugar intake is outta control and I'm not the healthiest I've ever been. Not that I attribute everything to my sugar consumption, but I know it's definitely not helping matters! Plus, I don't feel good when I eat it. I know my body is really, truly addicted to sugar (it's a scientific fact, sugar is as addicting as drugs), and the fact that I find myself dipping into the pint of Ben and Jerry's at ten in the morning sometimes every day is not a good sign! I think that because I'm not gaining weight, I can eat whatever I want. After all, I look healthy enough. Only now am I really thinking about how unhealthy I am on the inside. I wonder if all this sugar is negating all the good stuff I eat. I have zero energy, like ever. I sleep a solid eight hours most nights, and find myself dragging all morning until I'm able to take a short nap while the girls are asleep. Then by eight o'clock at night, I'm already exhausted. I can definitely attribute this to other things, but I honestly believe that if I cut sugar out 90% (people, I can't commit to 100%, that's just not gonna happen!) and really think about what I'm eating and how it will fuel my body, I will feel so much better and have more energy. It's really a no brainer. I just need to practice what I preach and eat what I tell everyone else to eat. I was a health major, for crying out loud. I did my senior project on the effect of sugar on the body, where I learned it really does cause type II Diabetes, even in thin people, decreases your immune system drastically, destroys your metabolism, feeds cancer cells at a ridiculously high rate, causes inflammation which leads to a whole host of mild to life-threatening problems...and IT CAN KILL YOU! Yet, I've slowly allowed myself to slip into bad habits and justified it along the way. (My baked goods are always "healthy cookies" or "healthy banana bread" or "healthy brownies", because I use coconut oil and real butter, almond flour, farm fresh, organic eggs, and 'organic cane sugar', which I've convinced myself is okay...and for a treat here and there, it's certainly better than using white flour and white sugar and partially hydrogenated fake fats. But not when I have 6 cookies at a time!)

Well I've said so long to my 'sweet' friends, but I'm not going all out until next week. I need to plan for it and grocery shop accordingly and have non-sugar snacks ready to go so I don't cave in a hungry moment of weakness. Plus, the coffee shop down the street has free lattes everyday this week, and only a crazy fool would pass that up. And I simply can't have a plain latte because that is gross. I've already made drastic changes and honestly am feeling better, but Saturday, it's a whole new ball game. Saturday starts 'sugar-rehab.' Anyone want to join me? Accountability makes it easier! You know you want to:)

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