Saturday, October 5, 2013

Summer in a Nutshell

Summertime, summertime, sum sum over :(

Here is a summer recap! Some of these I already posted throughout the summer, but I just wanted a post that was a snapshot of our summer all in one place, mostly for myself to look back on, so here is is!

My little sis graduated high school! (and is off to college in the big city!)

One grandma came for a visit...we said goodbye to another grandma. 

Addison turned 2!

Fun at the lake...

That would be my studly (who uses that word anymore? it just came to me...) husband, who cringed when he saw this glowing white picture on the screen. I don't mind:) Side note: when he taught elementary school, one of his kindergardeners asked him in all seriousness if he was a ghost.

Lots milestones were reached by Lily...eating real food, moving out of our room, crawling, standing, climbing stairs...

She's fearless, climbing any and everything. Keeps me running all. day. every. day.

The only family photo we got the whole summer!

We went on a lot of hikes and I finally got over my fear of mountain lions and agreed to hike the trail directly behind our house, which made it easier to up and go on a whim! Turns out it's a pretty nice mountain we live on!

We rode an airplane to Tennessee with two girls two and fun!
This one did great.

This one...well, it could've been worse!

We got to spend precious time with family...

(I have no idea why this picture is so big, but I can't change it. Oh well!)

...go to water parks...

...enjoy the zoo...

...see old roommates/great friends...

...and celebrate our 3rd anniversary at some of our favorite spots. Why do I look slightly pregnant in this picture? I just noticed that.

Back home, there were lots of wagon rides with friends...

...and lazy afternoons at parks.

Grandma and grandpa came for a visit and grandma got crazy at the park!:)

We went to a small town rodeo/fair, which Addison loved...

...and rode on the oldest, coolest carousel I've ever seen. For 25 cents!! :)

We watched countless sunsets, both at home and at my parents house.

This is why they call it 'Big Sky Country'!

And this girl ate approximately 500 tomatoes picked straight from the garden! 

We spent a lot of time planting and watching the gardens grow, and enjoying food from our back yard. So much fun!

And of course the best part of every summer? This guy gets to be home with us!

Summer was wonderful. Even in the midst of surgery and some other things that weren't so fun, it was a good three months. Brad is back at work and we are in the full fall swing of things. And even though I definitely love summer the very most (I'm a warm weather kind of girl!), fall is my second favorite, so I'm happily burning candles, getting out the sweaters and boots, watching the leaves change color, and of course, baking lots of pumpkin things. My family is probably tired of pumpkin and it's only September! We still have a good three months to go before I burn myself out. Costco cans of pumpkin is the way to go in this house! Seriously I can't get enough. Pumpkin cookies, bread, soup, stew, smoothies, mac n cheese (tried that today for lunch...mmm!), dip, pie....any other suggestions or good recipes? Do share!

Have a blessed weekend!

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