Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Happy Birthday Lily!

It's a mass photo dump day! In case you don't know, this is part blog (where the "I wish I had been a writer" side of me gets to play pretend), part family journal/baby book (because I'm a bad mom who hasn't recorded a single significant moment in my girls empty baby books, nor do I ever have hard copies of pictures to paste in them). Well, today is baby book online scrap booking day, if you will. Lily's first birthday was yesterday and I'm feeling a bit sentimental and have been looking at pictures of us in the hospital and from the past year and now I'm going to share them all because it's FUN (for me).

We'll start here...November 18, 2012
How in the world was this picture taken a whole year ago? I remember the night we went into the hospital, what I was wearing, what time it was, what the room looked like, every detail as if it were yesterday. Such an exciting day we had been anticipating for 9 months! This picture is somewhat funny as it depicts our happy new family (minus Brad who was taking the picture)...oh wait, we weren't all happy. Addison was so upset and throwing a tantrum and somehow as the camera snapped, the nurse made a funny face at her and we got a smile out of the deal. She was not a happy that I had been gone the night before, and now was in this strange bed in a strange room holding some other baby. 

Anyway, this day seems like yesterday, but somehow the months have ticked by and 12 have passed.
I decided to find a picture of her from each month of the past year (I told you this was a photo dump day! I love these!!!)

November, just a few days old












And November, 2013...here are pictures from her birthday party with my parents, brother and sister-in-law and niece, as well as a few from yesterday, which was her actual birthday. We took her to the carousel and opened a couple of presents from us and her TN grandparents (thanks K.O. and Marcia! Looooove the tutus!!!)

Addison sat patiently at the counter while we were finishing up dinner, staring at the cupcakes. She wanted one soooo bad. She was good and never actually reached for one, but obviously...she was ready!

And here is Lily waiting patiently for everyone to gather to sing to her and take pictures and do all the grown up stuff we do instead of just going straight for the cake. This picture might have actually been taken while we sang to her...she was pretty perplexed, especially when we did the 'durge' (just a strange thing we've always done:) )

She's just warming up here...

Well done Lily, well done! Apparently you like chocolate cake as much as your mama!


She didn't really like the carousel. A minute into it she bailed and wanted to be held:)

Happy Birthday sweet Lily! You have wrecked my heart with your sweet snuggles and cuddles and I am so blessed by you!!! 

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