Friday, December 20, 2013

Life Around Here

I miss writing! But today is not the day to start back up! Just wanted to give a quick update, especially to family far away who keeps up with us via this blog! I know I've been MIA for awhile, like all of December. It's been craaaazy busy. I love busy, but I need to order pizza, get a movie and do n.o.t.h.i.n.g. tonight. I'm just done y'all! Okay so here is a snapshot of our life the past few weeks and a glimpse into why I haven't been blogging at all! Time has been filled to the brim with the following: A sick sick family (the first picture of Lily snuggling me is precious, but she was so miserable that day!), Addison's first time in a play, our church's Christmas production (so adorable!), Christmas shopping, trips to the post office, bank, a zillion stores, doctor's appointments, play dates, rehearsals, etc., Christmas tree cutting and decorating, Christmas cards, baking and baking and baking, wrapping, delivering, painting pudgy two-year-old toes, a trip to the park and a hike for me one unusually mild day, and of course the usual day to day stuff! It's been grand, but I must say, I am HAPPY that today was Brad's last day for TWO WEEKS! Hurray! So happy that he gets to be home with us for awhile!

These last two pictures: Sunrises and sunsets have been stunningly beautiful the past few weeks! This sunset was so amazing that people were standing in the grocery store parking lot just staring at the sky in awe (sadly my phone didn't capture it very well at all!) . The second picture is a snapshot of life around here can pretty much bet on one of the girls sitting in the baby doll stroller at any given moment. They just love to push each other around in it. Usually it's Addison pushing Lily waaaay too fast, but sometimes Addison kicks Lily out and demands that Lily push her for awhile. Lily (who Addison calls "Lily boobie" these days)  is very compliant:) Life is good. 

Love, Crystal

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