Thursday, January 30, 2014

Winter Days

Well, we had a nice run of nearly 50 degree weather...almost unheard of for January in Montana! But alas, winter is back. I woke up in the middle of the night and noticed that it seemed strangely bright outside, and I remember wondering if it was snowing. It was. This morning we woke up to a fresh covering of snow, four or five inches of powder. Perfect snow if you're a skier/snowboarder. Sad if you're a snow-hermit like me! (I made that term up... It means you get sad or anxious about snow and extreme cold and turn into a hermit and hate venturing out unless you are forced to by someone mean)

Yes, that's me, a snow hermit. BUT, I have kids and I don't want to make their lives miserable and I don't want to be miserable either! So I'm working on my attitude. Besides researching places such as the Bahamas to move to someday (activities like this make me abnormally giddy and excited, even if they are pretend planning), I've been being proactive in taking steps to overcome my disdain of the biting cold MT weather. After all, it was my idea to move back here, and I'm absolutely positive that no one likes to be around a whiner or a negative Nancy.

What exactly have we been doing around here on cold winter days? Come take a look:)

 photo 0125141138a_zps5erqixqy.jpg

Going to the school gym and having the whole place to ourselves...we played with scooters, basketballs, a strange rubber frog, a rolling horse (that was the favorite activity), and Brad and I played a little one-on-one. I won. In all fairness, he was holding the one-year-old. But still.

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Lots of coloring and sticker book projects...I told her just two stickers per day so they would last. I didn't pay attention. She used them all in one sitting. Oh well.

 photo 0125140906b_zpswqvbjjzo.jpg

Saturday morning cartoons in their chairs after banana pancakes (you would think the soft couch would be preferable over the hard wooden chairs, but Addison insists that she and anyone watching a cartoon with her sit in the kid's wooden chairs).

 photo 0130141931_zpsfbojitbr.jpg

 photo 7a18dc0f-14e9-4075-b4fc-27581c50b0a3_zps4d216dd4.jpg

Today's excitement: Building a fort to take over the living room. They loved it, and it had been such a loooong week, mostly in the house (today seemed especially long), that I did something totally out of the ordinary for us. I told Addison that after we went to the gym, I would take them to get happy meals and we could eat in the fort for dinner. We never eat fast food, and eating in the living room for the girls definitely was a treat! It was a fun evening, once we finally got in the door and settled in with our food.

 photo 50a357e4-af7b-4638-804b-5ee288c36641_zps7b4a1845.jpg

Last but not least, I recently let Addison pick her outfit out, and ever since then, I am not aloud to. I mean she gets borderline hysterical if I try to get clothes out for her in the morning, and honestly, it's so not worth the fight. In fact, I've come to look forward to it each morning...watching her jump out of bed saying 'I got it Mom!" as she runs straight to her closet to choose, usually a bunch of random things plus a tutu. And it's been good for me. The first few times I let her choose, we weren't going anywhere anyway. But it was hard for me that first time we were going out, and I had to fight the temptation to tell her "No, Mommy is picking your clothes today."
I realized that letting her be creative and giving her a say in some things, and not controlling every little aspect of her life is a good thing. A really good thing. She is so proud when she gets dressed every day, and I love how happy this part of the day makes her. So, I'll be probably be posting my favorites here and there!:)
I'm not trying to make it seem like I'm perfectly chipper on these days. That would be a lie. But I'm trying. And instead of dwelling on the moments where I sank into my sad little winter hole (mentally) and was cross with Brad or short with the girls or cried over nothing, I will think about the positive things... That even though I wanted to stay in and curl up in a blanket with a book and a latte, I tried to make the day fun for the sake of little ones. I did not want to go to the gym, but I did anyway, and felt great after. On these long mid-winter days, it's the little things that count. It's making yourself get up and go, just do something, anything! Step outside and look up at the sun and let it warm your face and breath the fresh air. Take in the beauty of how the snow is draped over the pine trees and how soft and beautiful it is. And also, it's amazing, how something seemingly so small, yet out of the ordinary, can totally make a two-year-olds day simply amazing:) It's all about attitude, and oh do I still have a long way to go! But God's working on me and for that, I am thankful. As I write this, Brad is reading the ten day forecast to me. There are lots of negative numbers. Oh Lord, help me!

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  1. Let me know if you want to move to the Bahamas! We have checked out a lot of the Islands and would love to live there part-time someday. :) love Addison's outfits! It's so fun to see their creativity.