Sunday, March 2, 2014

Snow and Salad

Ok this is the weirdest thing. I just downloaded these pictures, and when they popped up, there was snow falling in the pictures. I don't have some app that I used to create the illusion of snow. I didn't intentionally do's like Google+ (where I download pictures to put on the blog) just knew which pictures had snow, and it added this weirdo feature, and I honestly have no idea how to get it off! So strange. But it's kind of a cool effect I guess, so whatever. And really, this is what it actually looked like for seriously three days straight here. It snowed. And snowed. And snowed. Then it snowed. Then it got really cold. Really, really cold. I thought I'd share some recent pictures. Even though I don't prefer snow and cold, I have been trying to be positive about this, since I can't do much about it. And one positive thing about all the snow is how beautiful it is. It does get gloomy being indoors a lot, but I got out several times this week, once up in the mountains, and when you're out there, it's very pretty. That said, I'm still pining away for pink and white and purple flowering trees and budding tulips and daffodils and chirping birds...  If you live somewhere warm and lovely and are already enjoying a beautiful March spring, please send me your address and let me come stay with you until MT thaws out a bit:) I'll have two toddlers in tow, I hope that's alright! ;) Okay okay I'm just kidding. Sort of. 

This is our table and chairs on the back porch, slowly but surely getting buried. 

And this is a path Brad dug to get from our house to the shed. It's two feet deep! 

Pretty huh? (And isn't the snow falling so peacefully just lovely!) I generally avoid going out in the snow like it's the plague, but I learned something about myself this week. I actually hate being cooped up for days on end more than I hate the snow. I realized that if I wear 5 layers on top and at least two on the bottom, plus my serious snow boots and my husbands ski gloves, an ear warmer and a's not so bad! I went on a little mini hike and got some fresh air and some sun on what teeny tiny part of my face was exposed, and came home a new woman! I also went snowshoeing for the first time ever, and it was so much fun! I can't believe I have gone my whole life and never done this!

I decided Addison needed to get out of the house too. There is simply too much snow for Lily to come out. It's deeper than she is tall. So while she was taking a quick morning nap, I took Addison out. 20 minutes of getting bundled up. 4 minutes in the snow. But she was happy with that!

This cracks me up. No wonder she didn't have much fun. How can you when the snow is up to your waist? By the way...this was before the latest snow storm, which brought us many more inches to add to this.

I thought this dead branch of our baby tree with the snow sitting precariously on the end was pretty.

This picture has nothing to do with all the snow. It's actually a yummy salad that I felt was a nice break from all the winter 'comfort food' I've been indulging in. And it was so yummy and easy to throw together, I thought I'd share.

Did you know you can eat beet greens? I didn't, but it turns out you can eat the green top of almost any vegetable. So I bought some beets. And I sliced the greens up into thin strips and put them in a bowl. Then I peeled a beet (one large) and grated it on top of the beet greens. Then I added a julienned red pepper and an orange, peel and pith removed (because I hate pith, even though I know it carries all the good stuff). Last but not least, I topped it with Drew's Sesame and Orange dressing, and sprinkled some black sesame seeds on top. And then I ate a summer salad while I watched some more snow fall. And it made me think of warm days. And I was happy.

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