Thursday, March 20, 2014

This Week in Pictures

I've had so much I've been wanting to write about, but life gets busy and somehow this always gets put on the back burner. So, as I do when I don't have time to thoughtfully write, I photo dump!
It's been awhile since I posted lots of pictures, and I actually got a few good ones this week (that's rare these days, with my wiggly girls and a camera that doesn't capture action shots whatsoever!) So I thought I'd share a few good ones, plus some random pictures of things that brightened this past week:)

A bit of 'spring' to brighten up the house, even though it snowed twice this week. I love love love having flowers in the house, no matter what the season. It just brightens my day to look at them!

Farm fresh egg lady went MIA and I haven't had true farm fresh eggs in months. A friend of mine brought these to me Monday and we've been enjoying both eating them and looking at them. Why I think eggs in a bowl on the counter is pretty, I have no idea, but I do! It's just one of those things that makes me strangely happy:)

Favorite moment of the week: Both the girls dragged their little chairs over to help me make granola bars. Don't worry, the burner was off! :) They had so much fun 'helping' mom...and then eating what they helped make!

This girl. She's at that age that just kills me. As in she is so. stinking. adorable. I can hardly stand it. I put her hair in pigtails for the first time ever, and it made her look all the more like my mini-me (as you'll see in the picture below). Her personality is just blooming right now and it's so much fun to see it come out more and more each day!

Hamming it up for pictures:) Gotta love her crooked little smile!

I decided to make the traditional corned beef (or is it corn beef? I never know for sure!) and cabbage for St. Patrick's Day. I've always wanted to try it, and neither Brad or I had ever had it before. The veggies were good...however, I wasn't a huge fan of the corned beef. But I thought it was a pretty dish anyway, and Brad liked it, so I'll probably try again next year, maybe do it a little different!

These two...either picking at each other and screaming, or like this: best friends and playmates and giggle buddies. They'll just giggle and giggle at nothing sometimes. These are the moments to remember! (I choose to block out the pinching and poking and hitting and pushing and tattling!)

This is one happy girl. We were eating lunch at the health food store here, and what does she eat? A pickle (in her left hand, mostly eaten at this point), and strawberry milk. Her first strawberry milk. Like I said...a happy girl!

And of course, I had to include the best outfit of the week. Swirly shirt, checkered dress, heart leggings, and hello kitty/zebra striped boots. Just awesome. I tried to pick out her clothes for church last Sunday. I will never do it again (I keep saying that and then forgetting). It's simply not worth the fight. Plus, then I miss out on seeing her look like this! So fun:)

That's all for now! My computer charger broke and my computer is about to die. And spring break starts tomorrow (yay!), so I might take a little break from blogging. We'll see. Or maybe I'll feel inspired and borrow my parents computer and write from there next week. Who knows. I'm rambling because I should have gone to bed by now and my brain is officially turning off as I type. Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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