Friday, April 25, 2014

A Fresh Start

Blogging seems to be all the rage these days. Maybe it has been for a long time and I just never knew about it. I mean, I was in college and if I was on the internet, I was usually researching something for an assignment or checking face book real quick, not spending my spare time reading about someone else's life. After I graduated, I got married and we spent the first two or three years without internet, and I still had never heard of a blog. I honestly didn't know what a blog was until Pinterest came around, and I realized one day while searching for recipes, that each pin I clicked on took me to someone's personal page, each one different and unique and fun in it's own way. These were food blogs. Then I realized there were blogs for everything imaginable...millions of them probably! And I thought, how silly! Blogs honestly seemed kinda stupid and pointless to me, although I appreciated some of the food blogs I was snagging yummy food ideas from :)  Well, one day I happened to come across a 'mommy blog', as I was looking for something, and I got to reading, and I got totally sucked in to this woman's honest, simple, real-life writing. I started 'following' her blog, I was so intrigued. I laughed and could relate to her stories of motherhood, was encouraged as I read about her struggles and how the Lord was teaching her in the midst of them, and I got ideas for crafts to do with my own kids and new recipes to try out. There was just something about reading another woman's snippets of her life, someone who is in the same stage as myself, who was willing to put herself out there, sharing honestly and being real as she journeyed through the waters of being a stay-at-home-mom, just doing the best she could by God's grace. Through her blog, I discovered a couple of other ones. Often times, I would read a blog post that spoke to me about something very specific that I was dealing with at that same time. I loved the idea that God was using women's stories/writing abilities/creativity/inspiration on the internet to spur on other Christian women. Using the internet to His glory. It was so amazing and I started thinking that I love writing and that maybe it would be a fun, creative outlet for me, so I decided to start One Sweet Day about a year-a-half ago. I didn't have a clear-cut direction for where I would go with it, I just knew I wanted it to be a place to write what was on my heart, as well as sort of a family journal, with pictures to look back at for years to come. I also hoped I would eventually be able to bring in a small income, like many bloggers do, by advertising on the side. 

Where am I going with all this? I suppose I'm rambling on about blogging to get to this point: I am changing the direction of this blog. Will you notice? Probably not! I'm just changing directions in my heart. Sounds weird huh. I'll explain. I've tried too hard. I've had these grand aspirations of bringing in a second income for us through One Sweet Day (not that I'm against that now...I'd still love for that to happen, eventually, in it's own time). I've had different ideas for the direction I wanted to take it, but never really felt like I wanted to be stuck with just one genre. Yet, I thought I had to have a theme, e.g. 'Mommy Blog' or 'Food Blog' or 'Health Blog'. I started thinking about this in general way too much. And I started comparing my blog to other blogs. Mine suddenly seemed lame. And I started to lose sight of why I started blogging. Then I just kind of stopped all together. I've only been posting once every couple of weeks lately. I just wanted to take a break and pray about it and see if I should even keep on with this little hobby of mine. So I gave it to the Lord. I asked Him what He would like me to do with it. What would bring Him the most glory. And I was willing to close shop, if that's where I felt Him leading. Then I waited. And listened.

And here's what I got. I'm excited! Like I said, you probably won't even notice a change, but my heart has totally changed and the pressure is off. I no longer feel the need to have a defined 'type'...I'll still post recipes here and there, but I'm no food blogger! I'll still talk 'mom talk' and post way too many pictures of my kids, but I'm not a mommy blogger either. I might get up on a soap box about vitamins or raw milk or the dangers of processed food, and I might discuss how I waver on the subject of vaccinations, but I'm not a wellness blogger. I will still share things that God is teaching me as I journey through this life. I love sharing about my spiritual struggles/failures/growth/successes. I get excited about sharing with you what I feel God teaching me. I am a Christian, but I'm not a 'religious' blogger. 

I am just going to write. It's way too simple. Just. write. My heart is just to be me. To not compare this blog to any other ones out there. To feel the freedom to write about whatever. To photo dump whenever. And to write 5 times a week or once a month. To not think about what this person might think or that person might disagree with or so-and-so might judge me for. There was recently a conference I had hoped to go to, and although I didn't get to go, I know what it was about, and have read a few of the women's recaps. It was about sharing your story. Everyone has a story and everyone's story is important. God can use all of our stories to help others, to encourage, to inspire, to convict, to brighten...he can use our stories in ways we can't even imagine, but he can only use them if we are willing to be open and honest and transparent. Not worried about putting up a fake front of perfection. Some will tell their story; some will sing theirs. For me, I like to write, and so I can be an instrument in his hand as I write my story, little piece by little piece. And whether ten people read it or thousands read it. God gets the glory. God chooses who it will effect and how it will effect them. I am the pencil, he is the writer. Sometimes it'll be serious. Sometimes, funny. It'll be heavy, it'll be light. And as usual...there will be pictures galore. Because when all is said and done, I want to remember these days. I want to be able to read about our life, read about what I was dealing with, where we were, and look at these precious babes of ours and be able to see how they've grown right before our eyes. 

So, here's a new 'welcome'. Welcome to my itty bitty corner of the internet. I hope you feel blessed in some small each and every time you stop by. That, is truly my prayer. 

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  1. I love this!! So excited to have crossed paths~