Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Spring has Sprung!

I thought it would never come, even though it always does...SPRING IS HERE!

It's funny how my heart seems to come alive at the sight of everything else coming alive! The snow has officially left my yard (only as of yesterday...we live on a hill headed into the mountains, so our snow takes forever to melt!), garden gloves and pruners and ladders are out, getting things ready, and our heater is finally turned down a few notches, which our wallet will thank us for. I opened the windows this week and lit my favorite spring candle and the whole atmosphere of our house went from stuffy and closed in and seemingly dark, to bright, fresh, open and airy...glorious! We went to the park this morning, lunch and picnic blanket in tow, and ended up spending three-and-a-half hours there. A lazy wasted day to some...not to us! The girls so needed it, just to run and play outside and get dirty...and eat dirt (Addison and her friends were making wood chip and dirt 'snacks'...she actually ate hers I'm pretty sure). The day was not wasted, not a single minute of being out there. Naps? Meh. Who cares on a day like this. The girls are out cold now, just a couple of hours late, but they were having so much fun, I don't think they felt tired until we hit the car.

Other happy 'spring things' this week...trail running (with a lot of walking involved;)) with Brad, just the two of us...my big yellow vase full of yellow daisies and pretty green flowers that I don't know the name of...tacos and strawberry margaritas with good friends...sitting on the porch swing with hubby after the girls are in bed for the night...unexpected drop-ins from friends and getting to catch up while the kids get a spur of the moment play date...buds forming on my lilac bushes and on our gigantic tree in the front yard...spring cleaning with yummy homemade lavender cleaner...out with the soups and stews, in with the salads and smoothies...and last but not least, something Brad hates hates hates, and I loooove: birds waking us up faithfully each morning before the sun comes up! Haha! Our gigantic tree I mentioned happens to house about one million sweet singing birds that are early risers. It's music to my ears, a fabulous way to say hello to a new day. Brad on the other hand can be found with a pillow over his head, dreaming of nice, er, not so nice ways to get rid of the birds. :)

That's how our spring is going. Hope yours is just as lovely!

Gotta love it when Brad straps on his weight vest and looks like he's got 
a giant bomb strapped to his chest. Seriously, I'm pretty positive people think that.

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