Monday, May 26, 2014

Girls Weekend

This may sound funny to some of you who have husbands who travel regularly, but for the first time since we had kids, Brad left town to be in a wedding in Memphis, and the girls and I were on our own for four days. I figured I could either be sad about it and dwell on how hard and exhausting it is (cause as I now know, it IS exhausting to be a single parent, even if for only a few days!) ...OR, we could party like it's 1999. I chose the latter. I took a break from meal planning and cooking, and we got crazy around eating raisins and leftover pancakes on the couch while watching Frozen waaaay too early in the morning. I didn't go overboard on household chores or gardening. Nope, we just made a point of having extra fun. Kinda like our own little vacation at home while daddy was on vacation in TN. Here's a few pictures from the past few days:)

They are loving their new ride! (my mother's day present...I am loving it too!!)

This is how every. single. outing ends up. We can't make it to and back from any destination without a major meltdown happening a few blocks from home. I think they just get bored and start poking and picking at each other until one of them can't take it anymore. Fun times.

I gave Addison and I matching pedicures:)

Picnic date at the park with friends, baby doll in tow:)

Out to eat at our favorite little taco place downtown (walking distance from our house).
They have 'baby burritos', perfect for these guys:)

Messy but tasty!

And our first trip to Big Dipper for the summer!

Homemade yellow cake ice cream on a warm summer night. Bliss:)

It was a fun few days. We sure are glad daddy's back though! Hope you have a lovely holiday, and in the midst of your day at the lake, barbecuing, or whatever you do, don't forget about those we honor everyday, but especially today. Those who have sacrificed their very lives for the freedom you and I get to enjoy this day. God bless them and their families.

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