Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Father's Day

To My Dad...

My dad and I have butted heads over the years. As an adult who knows herself much better than I did as a teen, still trying to find herself (whatever that means!), I see that it was often because we were (are) alike in so many ways. Okay and maybe because I was difficult sometimes. I think every teenager has 'parent issues' at some point, but what matters in the end is whether or not that teenager can look back and see all that their parents taught them, all the love and grace that was shown through those years. When we can look at our life and see all the positive ways our parent's helped shape us...that's what matters. And I certainly can. Dad, one thing I have always known, through the best and worst times in my life, is that you would always love me unconditionally. You made sure I knew that and I never doubted it. Even when I screwed up horribly, I knew that you wouldn't hate me or give up on me. You've always been there, and to this day, I know that regardless of how busy you are, I can count on you to be here, even if it's just to lend an ear. You taught me to respect people; all people. You taught me to talk to people, regardless of whether my personality was 'shy' or not, I didn't have the option to cower behind you, I had to give a good hand shake, make eye contact and say hello, and I can't tell you how grateful I am that you instilled that in me. I consider myself to be, for the most part, an introvert, and without the things you taught me, I would probably be a painfully awkward person:) Whether or not you know it, you instilled in me a love of the outdoors. Growing up in MT and having the privilege of getting to live in a safe community surrounded by so much family meant getting to play outside from dawn to dusk. That, combined with our drives up in the mountains, trips to the lake, and a few attempts at hunting/fishing (sorry, those didn't take!), and playing outdoor sports have shaped me into the outdoor loving sunshine fanatic I am today. Even making me help you and mom in the garden, especially at harvest time, though it was something I hated then, it's strangely something I now look back on with such fondness, and gardening is one of my favorite things to do today. You taught me to work hard and never utter a complaint about it. And you, along with the rest of our family taught me to be tough, as the motto goes, "You'll be alright." You've shaped who I am today and I don't say thank you enough, if ever, so I just want to say, THANK YOU. Thank you for the sacrifices you've made along the way, and thank you for being such a loving, devoted father for the past 31 years--and such a doting "papa" to Addison and Lily too!  I love you dad!
Happy Father's Day!


To My Husband...

I always dreamed of having a family...and in that dream was a good looking husband who treated me like a princess, lots of kids, and my husband being the best dad ever. Over the years, I lost hope of that dream ever coming true. I prayed for it, but it just seemed like there weren't any good men out there anymore. Like every guy in my generation was selfish, rude, disrespectful, and lazy in their faith--if they had any faith. Well, I prayed specifically one day and promised God I wasn't going to date anyone until He brought the one I asked for. It was a tall bill to fill, but He did! He gave me not only an amazing husband, but a man who is a better father to our girls than I ever asked or imagined. Today, we have a daughter who turns three in a few weeks, and a super fiery one-year-old girl. And I sit back and watch sometimes. I watch as you chase them endlessly around the island in our kitchen. As they beg to sit on your back and play 'horsey'. As you play with them with an endless amount of energy I'm envious of sometimes (don't lose that's what keeps me young!) I watch and listen as you discipline them with such love, and as you teach them about Jesus. I listen to your beautiful prayers for them each night and am amazed at your faithfulness...I don't think you've never skipped reading out of their children's Bible and praying with them before bed, ever, even if it had to be quick because they were tired and cranky and difficult. And I feel like the most blessed mama out there...blessed that you're a dad who loves to be 'house dad'. It keeps me sane that you send me away on the weekend to go get coffee or go for a run or shop or whatever, while you stay home being Mr. Mom, taking care of them solo as well as taking care of household things, just to give this mom a break. I see the love you have for them in your eyes when you tuck them in and kiss them good night, and I can't believe God gave me such a man to be my kids' daddy. Addison and Lily are so incredibly blessed, and so am I!
Happy Father's Day and thank you for working so hard to show our girls Jesus in you each and every day. They couldn't have a better father. We love you!!! xo

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