Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Outdoor Days

The other day I was out watering the plants and pretty soon the girls were picking dandelions (dandyflowers as Addison calls them) and walking up to the hose to 'water their flowers'. Lily was brave and started putting her whole arm in and I figured I'd just spray her a little and see what happens...she loved it and was squealing in delight! Addison was a bit more trepidacious, as she usually is, but eventually she joined in the fun and soon they were both soaked and oh so happy:)

We basically live outside this time of year. Lily gets slathered in sunscreen first thing and then we head out, either to the back yard, into the stroller for a walk, or to a park to play/picnic. This morning Addison sat up in bed and asked if she could take her breakfast outside and I almost said no, but then figured, why not? So I poured some granola in bowls, gave Lily her standard banana, and opened the back door. They ate and played in the dirt (okay okay maybe I need to set some boundaries, but hey, some dirt is good for the immune system!) 

Other than that we've been busy getting the garden planted (yay!!! favorite time of year!), finishing up the last couple of weeks of school (Brad), and trying to muster up the motivation to continue grocery shopping/cooking meals for the family. For some reason when the weather is like this, I cease to enjoy cooking like I normally do. I simply don't want to be in the kitchen, which is okay, since most nights Brad slaps some meat on the grill and I find something semi-creative to do with our bounty from farmer's market, and maybe some roasted potatoes if we want the oven on! I love those simple meals best anyway:) What are your go-to quick and easy summer meals? Please share:)

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