Thursday, July 10, 2014

3 Years

...was taken three years ago. Three years ago (and a few days, since I'm late posting this!), it was the 4th of July and I was laboring at home. Busy busy busy, making fruit pizza for the party I was sure we were going to that night. Instead, I finished making the fruit pizza as the contractions came closer and closer together, and we took it to the hospital with us (which made for a tasty snack the next day after an exhausting 32 hours of labor!) I vaguely remember hearing fireworks from the hospital room, and early in the afternoon on the 5th, our sweet Addison Elaine was born. This picture can't possibly be three years old! But it is, and what a fun three years it's been!

We had a fun little birthday party for her at my parents house last weekend, and the weather was just right for filling up the kiddie pools for a pool party. She was first in and last to come out. I asked her if she wanted to spend the night in the pool and she got this super excited look in her eyes as she nodded her head yes:) She totally would have if I had let her!
It was so sunny out, all of my pictures came out a little fuzzy, but cute none the less!

Homemade mac and cheese, hot dogs, and grapes was what the birthday girl ordered,
and for desert, she wanted chocolate cake with purple frosting and sprinkles. My mom happened to have some huckleberries on hand, so we had a real treat...huckleberry cream cheese frosting, yummmmm!!
I think my favorite part of the day was when we sang to her. My parents were having a party that night, and by the time it was cake time (and singing time), there were quite a few people at the house and they all came out to sing happy birthday. I was afraid she would get upset, as she does sometimes when all the attention is on her (she gets overwhelmed and either cries or hides behind me nervously). Not this time! She bounced up and down in her chair and sang along with everyone with this huge grin on her face, clearly loving every second of being in the spotlight for a few moments. Then clapped when it was all over. So funny!

Happy Birthday sweet Addison!
I am the most blessed mommy and love you so very much! You brighten every day with your gorgeous smile and giant personality! (And the terrible twos weren't as bad as everyone says! Here's to making this year just as good;) ) xoxo

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