Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Here We Go Again!

Most of you reading this probably already know, but since it's now "official" (what does that even mean? Like it's fake until the eight week mark or something), we're back on the baby train, expecting number three approximately one week after February 18th. I had my 8 week ultrasound last week and all looks just wonderful, praise God! Honestly, it never gets old, seeing the shadow of a tiny little raspberry sized babe and hearing his/her (I hate saying "it's"!) little heartbeat. We took the girls with us, thinking they would think the whole thing was totally awesome. They did...they thought the toys that the ultrasound office provided were totally awesome. The baby and heartbeat; not so much. Oh well. Addison thinks it's a girl in there. I think that's just because I'm a girl. Every time I ask her if she thinks the baby in my belly is a boy or a girl, she giggles and says, "It's a girl, Daddy's a boy." ????

So, I've never even considered this before, but I keep talking to people who don't find out the sex until delivery, and as crazy as I always thought that was, I'm actually considering waiting. Everyone (who's ever waited) says it makes the big day that much more exciting and amazing and just cool, for lack of a better word coming to mind. And I was thinking, most of our 'gear' is green, which we did intentionally in case we ever had a boy. So all we would have to get last minute if it ended up being a boy would be boy clothes (and a few other things, like blankets not covered in birdies and hearts). Plus, there's some super cute gender neutral clothes out there lately. Not your typical yellow and green, but black and white or khaki little outfits...if it's a girl, bam, just add a big flower to her head and there's no confusion:)

Ok enough with my random thoughts, which is mostly what I have lately. Random thoughts plus feeling like poo most of the time also account for my lack of posting anything much lately. I just don't have it in me. Pulling out the laptop, bringing intelligent thoughts from my mind to the keyboard, and making it sound coherent is simply too much for the time being. Give me a few more weeks for this to pass. Second trimester usually proves to be very nice. For now...I try to remember that wanting to throw up all the time = lots of hormones = healthy pregnancy. And that's good! Plus, even though we would love to have one more after this, that's not a given...it depends on how this goes and how my body recovers this time around, and whether it's in God's plan for us. That said, knowing this could possibly be the last time I get to grow a little person, I genuinely want to soak up every minute and think about the miracle taking place. Easier said than done; the operative word was "try". 

Here is our 'official' announcement picture: (it took Brad taking approximately five thousand shots until both girls were still enough and semi-happy looking for us me to be satisfied)
And here's the ultrasound pictures at 8 weeks:
I meant to do this with both of my last pregnancies, but forgot so many months. This time, I'm determined to take a side shot of my growing belly every month. So far, so good. Here's one month:
And here's two months:
(I'm a bit terrified at how fast I'm popping out this time.. I didn't even show until at least three and a half or four months the last two times!)
Oh, the last two random pictures are simply a snapshot of life at it's finest. They were taken this morning, when I was feeling particularly nasty. After scarfing a decent sized breakfast, I made it to the TV, where I put on our latest library check out, The Magic School Bus (yay for our library that carries quality cartoons from when I was a kid!!!) From there, I dozed on the couch as the girls ate breakfast and watched an hour of cartoons; woke up ravenous, as if I hadn't eaten in days, and really, the only thing I could even stomach thinking about was macaroni and cheese. So at ten o'clock this morning, I whipped some up and took the whole pot outside, sat on the back steps in my pj's and polished off most of the pot, whilst letting my girls run around the yard half naked eating saltines. It was a good morning all around. I must say, I honestly felt better after my little, ahem, giant morning snack. (Not every day is like this. A lot are. I'm not ashamed.)
Well, that's life this moment in a nutshell. In all honesty, I have been missing writing, and hope to get back at it soon, as I have a lot going on besides this that I'm dying to get out. I just need a smidge more energy and brain power in the evenings. Until then...there won't be much. Hope you're enjoying and soaking up this glorious summer!!

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