Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Out of the Waiting

The girls are asleep and so is Brad. A rare moment of total quiet, coupled with a rare (for MT) thunderstorm rolling in quietly in the distance, my laptop and a yummy vinegar drink to sip (don't ask)...a lovely afternoon indeed, despite the constant waves of nausea that won't leave me alone. I don't care right now. I'm savoring the ambiance and ignoring the rest:) 

This past week we finally had a definite answer, that we are to stay in MT, at least for this coming year. We will see what next year brings, but for now, it's time to wrap my brain around the fact that we will not be south bound anytime soon, unless for a quick visit. It's been all too stressful the past month or so, being in limbo and having to answer the question a thousand times a day, "So, any word on a job yet?" Finally we can say one way or another. No more wondering if we need to start packing or if we need to house hunt and give notice here. It's final. And while it was a blow at first, it's not all bad. In fact, there's plenty to be thankful and even excited about, staying put. And so thankful is what I choose to be. I let the feelings of disappointment linger only a day or two, but now it's time to embrace where we are, trust that God has a reason for keeping us here, and seek to live well right here, right now, every day. 
It will be nice to be surrounded by friends and family for this pregnancy and birth...I was definitely up for starting a new adventure and starting from scratch while pregnant, but this will certainly be nicer! My dad hasn't got to be there for either one of the girls' birth, but being this close, and him not being out of town means he'll get to be here when #3 is born, which is exciting. I'm happy to have the same midwife and not have to go hunting for someone new and getting used to her, and I actually don't mind our little hospital here...they have a great maternity ward, and Brad, well he's kinda strange, he's just excited about the hospital food. He honest to God loves it and would take me on dates to the hospital cafeteria if I was game (I'm not!)
I'm also excited not to have to cut a MT summer short. We still have a good two months of warm weather and hopefully a nice long fall before the cold hits. And even that, I'm going to try my darndest to get through happily...to force myself to get outside and breath the fresh crisp air, even as it assaults my senses and freezes my nose hairs...okay let's just not think about that yet.
And of course, there's the Blake Shelton (meh)/The Band Perry (YAY!!!) concert in Spokane that I'm dying to go to, since I tragically missed TBP when they were in Billings this past spring. Totally worth staying for! And of course, moving would be terribly hard as we left our family here and the ah-mazing friends we've made the past few years. So for all those reasons and a few other little ones, I can truly be thankful for another year here.

This week: Long walks in the mountains, strolls through downtown and lunch at the bakery near our house, Bible study and catching up with friends until after 11 (late for us mamas!), and later this week, the fair and day camping with some families from church. Oh and picking and eating straight from the garden, possibly my favorite time of the year! Tomorrow's highlight is picking raspberries for a raspberry-peach pie...and my first gluten free pie crust! We'll see how it goes:)

Well that's all the mish-mash (is that a word?) I have time for; here's a few photos from the week...

Trying to tell Lily that these were lilies...zero comprehension. Maybe next summer.

Fun downtown and a nice woman stopped and asked if she could take our picture:)

Dinner a couple of nights ago. No, not dessert. Just dinner. Fresh peach cobbler and home made whipped cream. Just what my sad tummy ordered! (and then it wasn't sad anymore)


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