Friday, August 22, 2014

Summer Recap

I cannot believe summer is already coming to an end! Maybe not quite weather wise (although it is a brisk 69 degrees and rainy today, feeling a bit like early fall), but Brad heads back to school Monday, so technically, as a teacher's wife whose years revolve around the public school calendar, summer is over.
And we have had so much fun all summer, I wanted to keep this blog better updated so that it didn't come all at once, but my computer has not been cooperating with me these days, so I'm at the school, using Brad's computer, trying to get a few posts done. Thus, as I always like to warn beforehand...get ready for a mass photo dump. I sorted through all the photos from the past month or so and picked the highlights. I didn't pick the most photogenic shots, but rather the ones that give a snapshot of summer and a glimpse into real life around here. So here goes!
The gardens were one of my highlights. We didn't fertilize or do much to get the soil ready, and I planted a good month later than I wanted, so I honestly wasn't expecting much. But it's been the best ever. The lettuce seems to keep magically growing back; we've literally been eating from this one little row for over a month, sharing with neighbors and friends, and it just keeps coming!
These are bush beans, something I decided to try just for fun, and seriously, if you want a lot of yield for a little space, these guys are the way to go. They produce TONS of tender little yellow beans that are super tasty. I even had enough to make 8 jars of pickled dilly beans (they're still pickling, so I haven't tasted's my first pickling attempt and I'm pretty excited, and hoping they aren't a disaster!)
 And this was probably the highlight for the girls for a good part of the summer...first thing every single morning they ran down the stairs and said "Mom can we go outside?" And immediately, they would make a beeline for the raspberry bushes and start shoving raspberries in their mouths.
Between our raspberries and some from our pastor's bushes, I was able to can batches of both jam and syrup, make a pie, enjoy them fresh on ice cream, and leave some on the bushes for the girls. We are pretty much in raspberry heaven.
What's a summer with out copious amounts of strawberries?
Sidewalk chalk...
Bike riding (on her new birthday bike)...
...and eating outside were the everyday givens. I literally let them eat every single meal and snack outside. Number one, no clean up for me. The birds and rabbits get the crumbs;) And number two, weather like this is too limited in MT for me to say no to such a harmless request. We try to soak up the great outdoors as much as possible, even if it's just in our backyard.
My favorite:) We had different colored lilies blooming at different times all summer. So pretty!
We went to the fair and of course, this is where we spent the majority of the evening, looking at bunnies, goats, cows, chickens, and horses. As long as animals are in a cage, the girls are happy. We're working on that...
Watching their first parade
Brad's parents came and we went to Yellowstone and watched the earth bubble up in geysers, boiling mud, and screaming steam vents. 
And per my request, drove the extra 30 miles (which actually took an hour and a half each way) to see my favorite spot on earth, the Grand Tetons. I don't know what it is about them, but they make my heart flip flop. If you've never been, GO!!
We explored Big Sky and found a trail leading to this beautiful waterfall...
That's just me at the awkward stage of "is that lady pregnant, or does she just eat too many doughnuts?" Just not quite pregnant enough for people to be sure. Love the stares.

Our third anniversary:) This hunk took me to an amazing restaurant we had both been wanting to try, then we had a 'staycation' at a bed and breakfast in town, while mom came and watched the girls. We spent the morning strolling farmers market and grabbing a few things we don't normally get...aka hand made artisan jewelry. My fav: an extra long necklace with a pendent of pressed grass. I said it's my piece of summer to wear during the long winter:)
 And sleep is how the long summer days end....with exhausted, angelic sleeping babes:)
Hope your summer has been good. For the first time ever (I'm a summer gal through and through, after all!), I'm actually thrilled about the thought of fall being around the corner. More on why later! 

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