Tuesday, September 16, 2014


I. am. exhausted.
But I don't feel like napping nor do I think I would fall asleep.
I don't feel like reading. I've been sick and I've read and read and read and my brain is about to explode so I'm taking a break.
And I felt like blogging but realized what I want to write about would make me really have to think hard right now, which I don't think I'm capable of.
So...tidbits of life right now, here we go. I can do that with out exerting my mind too much.
Weeks along in pregnancy: 17
Weight gain: just ridiculous. lay off the brownies and butter yo
Feeling: amazing, energized, motivated, ambitious. except when i hit a tired spell. like right now.
Confused about: the weather. is it fall? summer? what do i wear? it's 30 and then it's 88 and then it snowed last week and i need a season to stick around for more than a day!
Looking forward to: jumping onto the essential oils bandwagon! I used to be a skeptic...ask me again in a few months. We shall see...
Dreading: nothing:)
Loving: homemade pumpkin pie creamer in my coffee in the morning! and Udi's brownie bites dipped in fresh peanut butter (courtesy of my husband who spoils me sometimes...all the time)
Inspired by: the book Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker...again.
Nervous about: being the speaker at youth group in three weeks. teenagers are scary and judgemental.
Obsessed with: need i say it? pumpkin. every year at this time. i can't get enough. i just downed a giant costco pack in no time flat. smoothies, oatmeal, mac and cheese, muffins, coffee creamer, bread...just to name a few:) No, i don't get tired of it. brad does...sorry!
Reading: Christ in the Chaos by Kimm Crandal (if you're a mom READ THIS!); Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker (fifth time reading...has changed my life and pursuits)
Wishing: my girls would stop waking up so stinkin early.
Hoping: they nap for three hours. ha!
Enjoying: watching them play together and be best friends...except when they fight and hate each other...
Need to: make and can applesauce (5 pound bucket of apples sitting on my counter) and sourkraut (ginormous cabbage from the garden)
Overwhelmed by: the mass amount of laundry to be folded and put away.... tomorrow?
Thankful for: prolonged days of summer; ability to eat and actually gain weight for this little babe growing inside (a few weeks ago i couldn't eat...not a problem currently, praise God!)
Can't wait for: October 8th...we find out if it's a boy or a girl!
Listening to: All Sons and Daughters station on pandora.
Craving: depends on the day...mostly mexican food and fruit.
Sad because: Lily is awake. it's only been 20 minutes:(
Feeling like: I am done with this post and sort of wishing i could take a nap, now that it's too late.
Excited because: Lily went back to sleep and I took a nap!!!
Here's a few recent pics. Enjoy the beautiful fall weather... Or summer... Or whatever it is where you are:)


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